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Thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait - Feb 2008 #2

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    Hi everyone.

    Sorry this is off TTC topic but it's been a hell last 10 hours. I was out with my parents, hubbie, cousin and aunt last night and cousin/aunt wanted to walk home (2 blocks) from my parents back to her place although we all offered her a lift (it was such a beautiful night), so we left 5 mins earlier at 10.30pm, and I got a call at midnight from my dad saying that some f**kwit hoon had doughnut-ed around the roundabout, left the road and crashed into my aunt and cousin when they were walking on the footpath. My aunt was pinned to a wall and it's just awful, the surgeons have had to take her leg above the knee. We are all in such shock about it and hope she makes it through ICU. She's 75yrs but very independent and fit. My cousin escaped with abrasions and was discharged. I am so incredibly angry at the kid (a P plater), not sure if he was drunk but the cops took him to the station.

    Will be back online on Mon - all the best to everyone - sorry Bec about your BFN and Carla, your POAS negative... I think I'm getting some background cramps now so thinking I might have a bfn on the way but it's right at the back of my mind now as we're all so worried about my aunt. Hope you all keep your chins up and hope to see some good news over the next few days.

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    omg deni that's awful ... i hope your aunt will be ok ..

    thinking of you ....

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    New thread time.

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