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thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait Thread #6

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    Aug 2007
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    Hi everyone,

    I had my transfer yesterday so i am now an official 2 WW'er. So fingers crossed for all of us going through this. This is my first cycle.


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    Mar 2006

    There are quite a few of us in here now enduring the TWW!

    Only 4 days to go till the blood test for me. I say only, but gosh time is dragging for me.

    Is anyone else doing anything special to try to keep their minds off the TWW

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    May 2007

    Nelle, is your BT Monday? I'll keep you company cos mine is too if AF doesn't arrive before hand (I will be 17/18 DPO). I went and bought a cross-stitch on Monday, so I am doing that in between studying for exams. Good luck!

    Good luck to Nat and Claire as well!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for some

    Peta... I wish I had some definitive signs of a BFP... unfortunately, all BFP symptoms are so much like AF symptoms, that its hard. Like right now, i am having cramping and mood swings... Could be PMS... could be AF Very frustrating!!!!!!! Wish there was something, like my hand turning green, to let me know if i am pregnant or not! I am holding off on doing the HPTs as well, at least, until Monday. If AF isn't here by Monday morning, I am doing a HPT (I'll be CD36, 17/18DPO).

    Me: today I am 13/14DPO (again, depending on if you believe FF!), FS appt. tomorrow, still not sure if what I am feeling is AF or a coming my way. Pretty sure its AF. Hate his waiting!

    Oh I have a question. Indulge in my imagination. Look at my temp chart and tell me if you think CD27 looks like implantation? I'm now focusing on that in hope that I am pregnant! LOL.

    How is everyone else doing? Any more 's?
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    Mar 2006

    I will be 17DPO on Monday too leasha. Glad that I have someone to wait with!

    I can't help much with the BFP symptoms either. Firstly, because I have never had a BFP, but from what I have read (as leasha said) it seems most BFP symptoms can also be AF. Cramping, bloating etc.

    I am 13DPO today, and I am experiencing a lot cramping at the moment, but I think that it is just because of the lovely Crinone. Other than that, I haven't felt anything.

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    NAT025 Guest

    Hi Girls
    i was wondering which of you have had day 3 transfer on this cycle?
    Got to love that Crinone Nellie, I just started it this morning
    I know this may sound like a silly question but when should i start temping and should it rise?

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    May 2007

    Hi Nat... you should start temping day one of your cycle, first day of your period, and it generally goes down from CD1 until ovulation (because of high estrogen and low progesterone), and then rises (because of rise in progesterone). It'll fall just before you get your period, or stay high if you are pregnant. You can't really start temping halfway through a cycle because you don't really have a 'low' temperature to compare it too. HTH.

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    Nov 2006

    Hi Nat, I would honestly say, that for me at least, temping didn't add anything at all to my knowledge about what was happening with my body in the second half of my cycle. Sure I saw temp rises and dips etc, but I still was no further sure of anything really (maybe only the final very low temp which tells you that AF is impending, that's kind of useful to be emotionally prepared for AF later that day). Temping is useful to confirm you've O'd, but during assisted conception I guess the nurses tell us that anyway.

    I've stopped temping as it was interrupting my ability to have a good nights' sleep.. I was dreaming about temping then waking up and wondering if I'd already temped yet, or waking up way too early to temp and not being able to get back to sleep. As frustrating as it is, I think just waiting out the TWW in total lack of knowledge is, frustratingly, the only thing we can do... I agree with Leesha, I wish our body had a clear "pregnancy" signal much earlier than two weeks past Oing !! Best of luck to you Nat.

    BFP vibes everyone...

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    NAT025 Guest

    Thanks Girls, you have been a real help!! Knowing me i would stuff up the whole testing thing anyway. I have enough trouble remembering everything else through my IVF journey with nasal spray twice a day at 12hr intervals, purgeon every day trigger injection so i think i might give the temps a miss, I am too late in my cycle anyway
    Good Luck Girls

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    Jul 2007
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    Hi Gals, thought I'd come and check up on you all and say hi.
    Even though not AC this month, have been trying naturally, so in theory am also in 2WW. Even though I doubt it will happen naturally. Would be a nice miracle.
    I have been temping this month actually, just to see what happens. If anything I have held my temps high past ovulation for 12 days. Which my naturopath said 12 days after ovulation is good for holding a PG.
    I am CD32 today, but normally AF visits between days 28-30. I am guessing that this is my first month break after AC TTC that my body is adjusting. Weird as have no symptoms of anything. Feel like have PMS but that's it. I dont even want to test, because I am sure once I get that negative result my AF will arrive. I am also willing my body to hold out until end of Fri, as have done the maths and the timing will work better for me to start another stim cycle before the year is out.
    Anyway enough of my ramblings, but if anyone had late AF after stim cycle would be good to know. Its probably normal!

    Good luck to all and sending you lots of sticky vibes and look forward to hearing about some BFPs


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    Jan 2007
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    I am dying here... today has been the longest day of my life in this tww.
    I am a regular 27 day cycle so tomorrow I would normally expect af, factor into this a hcg trigger shot and iui the day after temps indicate O.
    So I go to AP tonight, coz he works on managing af so that no more endo can develop and I explain where things are at. So what does he do... sends me home again because my pulse is the complete opposite to what it is normally and I could actually be pg so I have to wait even longer to see if its true or not. arrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am officially insane.
    Sorry about the selfish rant!

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    Jan 2004

    Sonya, here's hoping that your AP is right


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    Sep 2006
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    Hey ladies

    Well i am offically in the tww WOOHOO everything went well this morning and dp sperm count came back perfect which is even better

    Lesha0986 best of luck with appoinment tomorrow, really hoping that your getting preg symptoms and not af, let us know how you go, we are all thinking and praying for you

    Curmon Congrats on your transfer, fingers crossed that you recieve bfp

    NAT025 best of luck this round with your ivf, i too would probably miss temping i think you have enough on your plate with all the drugs and stuff, wishing you a beautiful bfp this month.

    sonya wow i have everything crossed for ya honey, sounds promising

    mon heres hoping you get that nice little miracle with trying naturally and you wont need to go back for that stim cycle, let us know how you go hopefully af is late cos your already preggers

    if i have missed anyone i am so sorry, there are a few of us in the tww
    i wish you all lots of bfp
    take it easy ladies

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    Nov 2006

    Way to beat that pulse, Sonya ! You're so close to knowing now.... ooh I hope it's fantastic news !!

    Quite a few of you girls are so close to BT time... for BFP news for all of you !!!!

    I'm off tomorrow noon for a weekend away with the girls.. will be good to keep my mind busy, though I'll still be doing my secret toilet checks and silent mantras .....

    Is anyone due to know test results by Sunday? Hope I am greeted with some exciting news when I log in !

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    May 2007

    Hi all,

    and vibes for everyone.

    I will come on here as soon as I know something and let everyone know! Good or (most likely) bad news...

    14/15DPO... CD33... Well, I full expected to see AF this morning, but nothing, and no sign she is on her way anymore... I usually get a bit dry down there, but today I have alot of creamy CM (TMI I know, sorry!) and almost spewed my coffee out all over the floor it tasted so yuck so hopefully that is a good sign! I am not sleeping so great lately, very broken, dunno if its stress or something, but I am so tired. I get up really early because I have to pee, and then can't fall asleep, its like I'm sleeping on nails! No, I'm not getting my hopes up... though my chart is VERY different to my last two...
    First cycle
    Second cycle
    And my current cycle link is in my sig...

    finger crossed! FS appt. today, and I am dying to test, but also scared out of my brains to. I want to know, but I'd rather not have to see that HPT with only one little line. I will test on Monday if AF i not here though. I'll be having the BT that day too, and I'd rather know before the clinic does... it's just something I would rather do.

    But there is still time for AF to show, so I CAN'T get my hopes up.

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    Jan 2007
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    Oh no you don't Alisia, you are not going to get AF, you chart looks a little like mine and I refuse to admit defeat just yet... Its still sounding positive and there are at least signs it can go your way. I know you can do it!!

    Sharon - I hope this was your lucky cycle and that you girls weekend away brings up back a nice result. Will be thinking of you as I do the loo checks today as well.

    Mummy2chloe - welcome to the tww, super news about the swimmers and I hope you can join us for a celebration in 14 days.

    Mon - Can't help with a stim cycle sorry, but hopefully the answers come in the right vein for you very soon.

    Nat, WenJ, Nellie, Curmon and anyone I have missed, my there are suddenly lots of us hanging out in here lol.

    Well, I am hanging in there so far, but today is THE day, if I can get through today with no af, I may elevate my hopes just slightly, but for now have lots of cramping and back ache keeping me distracted.

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    Mar 2006

    Hi everyone - its Friday. Woohoo

    S'rose - More waiting?!?! When do you get to go back again?

    mummy2chloe - welcome to the TWW

    deni - have a fantastic weekend away

    leash - glad to hear that there is no sign of AF yet. I think that I am going to do a HPT on Monday morning too, just so I know what the BT might say.

    And hi to all the other TWWers. Hope that you have great weekends planned, with lots of fun things to do to keep your mind off the TWW.

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    Oct 2007
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    Hi all

    Just quickly popping in to say AF arrived today and bot BFN yesterday so its all over for this cycle...

    Feeling pretty deflated..... Will check in next cycle in my TWW...

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    Sep 2006

    Wen sorry about your AF showing hun. Its hard some times.

    Hope your BFP come real soon.

    Good luck all!!!

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