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thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait Thread #6

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    Aug 2007
    Macarthur NSW

    Well ladies, I was admitted into hospital yesterday with OHSS. Its a weird story how it all happened. After my transfer on Tuesday I was told to have injection of pregnyl on wednesday but to have a blood test first to confirm what dose. I have to drive 1hr to get my BT done and I wait at my friends place for the results. So when I rang for the results I was told my levels were high and not to have the pregnyl shot but to come up to Sydney (another 1.5 hour drive from BT location) to pick up some crinone. So with only the clothes on my back I slept at my friends place and drove up to the clinic the next day. I was feeling a little sick but nothing worth complaining about. Once I arrived some more blood was taken and I was not told to stay in the clinic till the results came back. Next second results are in and FS is with me telling me I am going to be admitted. She did explain that if i lived closer she would have allowed me to go home....but living 2.5 hours away she didnt want to risk it. Plus if I presented at my local hospital they would not have the knowledge to deal with OHSS. So i was on bed rest, had to do a fluid balance and was given a blood thinning medication. My BT this morning gave me favourable results and was allowed home, with strict instructions and a whole heap of notes just incase I have to go to the local hospital. So another BT on Monday, and will continue right up until my pregnancy test on the 5th. So thats my eventfull 48hours or so.

    I will keep you all updated and good luck to all of us on this amazing journey we are sharing together


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    hey ladies

    Wenj so sorry that af arrived, just know that we are all here for you no matter what.

    curmon crickey love, you have had a big 48hrs, i ohss my last cycle and its not a nice thing to go through, you poor thing take it easy and drink plenty of water. let us know how you go ok, i will be thinking of you.

    leasha0986 how did you go today at fs appointment?? i really hope you girls get some exciting news? i have everything crossed for you.

    as for me not much only on day 1 of tww, i have started using the pessaries and oh man they are yuk, it feels feral down there ha ha ha

    hope af is staying away for you all and you are all getting bfp

    take care ladies

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    Claire, you've handled that situation so well. The way you've written it makes it just seem like a blip on the radar, although I'm sure it felt much more serious than that. Good on you, and good luck.

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    WenJ - So sorry hun, but if its any consolation I am out too, I'll meet you back here in just under a couple of weeks hun.

    Good luck to those remaining.

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    Oct 2006

    Hi everyone

    Still hanging in...I am at day 23...9dpo. I have been experiencing AF symptoms on and off the last few days, but last night I experienced something new.

    In my previous cycles with crinone gel, when I started spotting before getting AF, it would be pink clag like ... icky!!!!

    Last night, I got up to go to the loo...becoming a more and more frequent occurance, and when I wiped I had heaps of CM - egg white consistency but it was light pink. I thought I was ovulating and spotting at the same time!

    Has anyone had this before?

    Sorry to hear it didnt work this time Sonya and WenT (sorry if I missed anyone).

    Good luck to those still in there.

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    Apr 2007

    Hi ladies and Rols!
    Just wanted to pop in and see how people are going.
    WenJ and Sonya - sorry about your BFN's. I'm hoping it's a BFP for you, and everyone else doing the TWW thing v.soon!



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    May 2007

    I am out too... went to FS appt. and their pregnancy test was negative, I had a scan which showed that I didn't ovulate, and that the follicl had become a really large cyst, and he said this was why i felt funny. Now I just have to wait for AF to come... *sigh*

    Not realy in the mood right now for personals. Congrats to those who got a BFP. Good luck to everyone waiting. Sorry to all those who had AF arrive.

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    Sep 2006
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    leasha0986 i am so sorry darl, be kind to yourself and know that we are all here for you

    Sonya i am so sorry for you to darl, hopefully in a few weeks you will be back in here and telling us that you have bfp

    maryT hopefully the cm is a great sign and you get a bfp. please let us know how you go

    to all the other ladies in the tww best of luck

    hope your all having a great weekend

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    May 2007

    Hi everyone...

    Got AF today, which I was actually happy about... the uncertainty of it all means I'll grasp any sign that my body is actually doing what it's supposed to.

    Hopefully I will see none of you back here because you'll all get BFP's

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    Nov 2006

    Leasha, Sonya and WenJ, so so sorry about BFNs and AF arriving. Best of luck for next cycle.. hoping that BFP is just around the corner.

    Claire, I dont know much at all about OHSS but I hope you feel much better today and the docs are happy with your subsequent bloodtests

    Hi all other ladies and gents My girlie weekend away was just divine, heaps of relaxing and girlie chats and silly word games like Pass the Bomb and Scattergories, also did indulge in a bit of wine and LOTS of junk food, naughty me !!! It was a really great weekend. AF still hasn't arrived so now I'm CD31, but not getting my hopes up as AF could come as late as Wednesday as I O'd late this cycle. The weekend was a great distraction from the loo checks !

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    Jul 2007
    Sydney - Inner West

    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry Wen, Sonya, Srose and Leesh!
    To every1 else am hoping your BFP is around the corner.

    I am currently CD35 and stressing. Did a HPT on Fri and was negative. That night slight pinkish streak and figured on Sat AF would come. Now Sun night and still no sign of AF. Did another HPT and still BFN.
    It would be a miracle if would be BFP due to going a la naturelle this month. But stressing as have never had AF this late!!! Usually around 28 days 30 max! Has that happened to anyone first cycle after IVF cycle? Am thinking that perhaps its body adjusting. Would be nice miracle if BFP. But 2 negative tests! Doh. Doing my head in!


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    Nov 2006

    Hi Mon,
    I O'd about 5 days later than usual this cycle - the cycle after my IUI. Even if your BT on CD1 after IVF has shown your hormones are back to normal, maybe there's been some kind of flow-on effect onto your next cycle, making you O later than usual (from your earlier hormone injections) - ?. I had hcg injections after IUI so I'm wondering if that was the cause for me? (I didn't ask the doctor this, it's just a theory!)
    you were just too early in testing and your BFP happens in a few days!

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    Mar 2006

    leash, WenJ and S'rose - I am so sorry to hear you bad news. So disappointed for you.

    Claire - wow about your OHSS story! Glad that you are OK now.

    MaryT - sorry I can't help, I haven't experienced that.

    Mon - fingers crossed that it is just too early for a BFP

    I had my blood test this morning, so now just waiting for the results this afternoon.

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    Nov 2006

    Nellie !

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    NAT025 Guest

    All the Best NellieW!!! keep us posted!
    Hi Deni, I have also had HCG injections and I am pretty sure that these are mean't to make your levels high enough to sustain a pregnancy. If you have been tested on Day 1 and you were pregnant the HCG hormone would be at a certain level but if not they would of dropped (I think thats the case). Please anyone correct me if I am wrong

    As for me its now 3 days after my transfer on Friday and I am going insane. I had a Day 3 Grade 1Compacting embryo implanted along with a Grade 2 6-8 Cell embryo. I am also on that dreadful Crinone Cream, does this give you AF like symptoms!! Does anyone know of some signs that implantation has occured?

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    Nov 2006

    Nat best of stickyvibes for your transfer !

    Well girls unfortunately our natural efforts weren’t successful so I'm now feeling very down in the dumps at work and just feel like going home but I'll push on.

    Anyway it helps with knowing what's next so I'm back at the clinic for my CD2 BT tomorrow and FSH from day 3. I’ll see you gals back here in two weeks with IUI #2.

    BFP wishes to all !!

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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Hi All
    To those of you who have not been lucky this cycle - I am sorry. I really hope your journey's don't continue for much longer.
    Those of us still counting days - could they hurry up??!!! I am going slightly mad (not sure if its the waiting or the crinone).
    Are any others of you experiencing the "symptoms" of crinone (tired, grumpy, tummy pains on & off, feeling sick)? I am & it really sucks! I know I have been snappier than usual to people today for no reason at all, but just can't help myself.
    TL - I think you & I are having BT on the same day (05.11.07). Best of luck to you!
    Take care everyone & will "speak" soon.

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    Deni - I am so sorry! People always tell me its better to stay at work and be distracted from it all as hard as that is it probably is the right thing to do by at work as you will drive yourself in sane at home

    Peta - I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms as you on that horrible Crinone cream. Tummy aches, feeling sick and moody. Lets hope this is a good sign for us
    My BT is on Wednesday 7th November, its so far away!!! I am tempted to do a HPT on Sunday but i reckon I will just jinx myself

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