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thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait Thread #6

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    Mar 2006

    Deni - I am so sorry

    Well, I have the results from the BT - its a for us!!!!

    Still in shock, don't quite believe it. I did do a HPT on the weekend, that came up with two lines, but we weren't going to get our hopes up until the BT results. Yay!

    Nat and Peta - I had pretty terrible cramping from the Crinone. Or what I thought was the Crinone. It has actually eased over the last 3 days, so perhaps it was implantation? Hard to tell. I had tiredness and nausea as well. Now I don't know whether it was the Crinone, the BFP or both.

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    Nov 2006

    Nellie, WHOOOO HOOOOO !!!

    That's great news !!

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Nellie well done BFP! I have been lurking here I am so happy for you

    We are in TWW I am half way!

    Just a quick question I have had some white CM and wind and a little tender on the right side as well as a tight feeling and a bright blue vein has anyone else heard or these as symptoms before?

    Here is hpoing for more BFP's soon and hugs to those who have seen AF arrive

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    NAT025 Guest

    Congrats Nellie thats fantastic
    Nellie were you also on Pregnyl? Did you have a Blast transfer?
    Tiggerlinda - I am sorry I can't help I haven't had that

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    Aug 2007
    Gold Coast

    Hi Tigger
    How are you.
    I have had that....infact I am still a little tender on my right sideand it also feels alittle tight. When I stretch it feels like my insides are ripping and thats the side I had my transfer..not sure if this has anything to do with it though.
    Waiting for AF to transfer again.......

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    slyder Guest

    Congrats Nellie. Well done to you and your DH!

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Peta yes we are in for BT togther on the 5th

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    Oct 2006

    Congratulations Nellie

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    Sep 2006

    Congrats Nellie and wishing all you lovely ladies a quick TWW and a BFP to finish it off!

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    Sep 2006

    Oh wow nellie that is fantastic news hun. Well done

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    NAT025 Guest

    Morning Everyone
    How are we all today? This TWW is really dragging for me
    Ok I have a few symptoms but I am not sure if its just me but not only do I look 4 months pregnant but my stomach is very tight and also my stomach muscles feel like they are sore from exercising.
    anyone experienced any of this

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Nat I have hd the tight feeling

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    NAT025 Guest

    Hi Tiggerlinda
    So when you press your tummy it feels like you have been doing hard core excercising (tight) but when you lift my top up let me tell you it sure doesn't look like it
    Lets hope its a good sign for us

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    I do hope so we got some spotting this morning but I am conviced baby is still there

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    NAT025 Guest

    Wow Tiggerlinda thats a good sign you have spotting
    Me as I am on the crinone cream, I just noticed it a little pinkish (Sorry TMI)
    When is your BT? Mine is on 7th Nov
    Has anyone had a BT a few days after transfer to check on progesterone and oestregoen? My results came back at Prog - 1200 and Oes - 700. Is this a good sign taking into account that I am on crinone twice aday and I had two 1500 Pregnyl shots

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    Jul 2007
    Sydney - Inner West

    Congrats Nellie on ur BFP! Wonderful news!

    TL & Nat - my fingers are crossed for you! looking forward to your great news!

    Sorry to hear AF arrived for you Deni - so did mine yesterday! Not too upset, just happy that can start next stim cycle this month.

    Good luck to every1 else

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    NAT025 Guest

    Mon - I am sorry that AF has showed up
    One minute I think I could be preg but then the next I get little pains not much as yesterday and I get all depressed again. This is such a emotional rollercoaster we go through isn't it

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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Hi Everyone!
    Nellie - Congratulations!
    Question - has anyone experienced minor bleeding while in TWW using crinone? I am really hoping that this is only a "thing" but am scared it may be AF and therefore mean BFN this cycle. I don't really want to call the clinic as I am sure they will just say to wait till BT on 05.11.07 & go from there. Sorry girls & boys, any help would be appreciated - just feeling really bad right now.
    Have a great afternoon!

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