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Thread: Puregon no side effects

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    Default Puregon no side effects

    I have started Puregon 4 days ago I have no side effects, no nausea or any abdominal discomfort I am afraid I am not responding to the medication.
    I would like to hear form someone had the same experience please.

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    Hi Cival,

    I have used Puregon for the past few months, and I never had any side effects. I responded well, and had dominant follicles each month over 20mm.
    You'll have to wait until your blood test, or US to see how you are responding.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks very much Alloy,

    I will wait my US on Thursday i am so nervous i am doing acupuncture every week that might help.

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    Cival, is this for IVF or OI? Not that it matters, though. There are a few members of BB who would not feel the the slightest twinge on puregon but would still get a good number of eggs. The only way you will find out one way or other is through BTs and u/s, so don't panic (hard I know) until then.

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    Thanks sushee,
    It is for IVF I have started injections from a second day of my period I was expected at least abdominal discomfort if I have some follicles growing but I feel nothing.

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    G'day Cival. DW (Dear Wife if you're not up with the lingo yet) has been on Puregon twice and never had any side effects either, apart from ovarian pain later in the treatment (IVF) and that's only because she produces eggs like a battery hen. So don't stress, just be glad!
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