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Thread: Seratec LH tests :wall:

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    Default Seratec LH tests :wall:

    Can anyone help me with the Seratec O tests please?

    I did a test this morning and it was sort of positive (I thought) but a tiny fraction lighter in colour - in the instructions it says it has to be same colour or darker. How do you determine if it is in fact the same or a fraction lighter? Neither my DH or I know 100% cause its looks so similar. I just did another test then (even though they say only do one a day ) and if it is lighter it has to be the most minute difference. I had a BT yesterday which apparently showed I was on the verge of O but the girl I spoke to today said that doesnt necessarily mean the next day. Transfer will be on Sunday if it is positive today, and I am having a scan tomorrow to confirm... but its sort of doing my head in LOL I keep going back to check it hasnt changed

    How did any of you find these tests? Did yours seem to be very similar but not quite as dark? Or do you think it is probably a negative test? I feel like an absolute dope but I cant stop stressing about it

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    hi mel1977

    i have been lurking here for 6 months or so
    i have had a similar experience to you with the seratec
    i have tracked ovulation for two cycles
    both times it showed a slightly lesser shade i then had blood tests and it confirmed a surge
    so i would ask your nurse i always insisted on blood tests as i thought that i was always close too and didnt want to miss it i think we do have to remember we are all individual and have different responses

    hope this helps you

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    I know what a conumdrum you are in, why write darker when most of the time they are a smidge different ( but which way). What you have on your side is that if tomorrow it is lighter then it was to be calculated from yesterday, if it is darker they can take it as O day. I suppose sometimes it is better than thinking have we missed O all together which we have up as our advantage. Are they going BT you tomorrow?
    I was always told similar was O, but you will find out in the morning or even if you were to do one should be fading
    Bec xx

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    Thanks girls, its comforting to know I am not the only dope LOL

    I am having a BT tomorrow as well as scan I think, but your right I will know either way. I havent done another test tonight cause I have already done 2 but figured if when I test tomorrow morning it has faded then for sure I can take today as O day.

    Oh well fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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