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Thread: Sick of least you have one!!! (secondary infertility)

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    Lovenhope Guest


    Jodie- My heart goes out to you. I got teary reading your post. I think you worded it better than I did.
    Absolutely agree with the fabulous support of the BB girls. I don't know how i would have gotten this far without being able to rant and rave on BB.

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    it is a wonderful support isn't it...wishing you all the best of luck in getting that little brother or sister for your children

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    Thanks Possums - you are truly a remarkable woman and one who never ceases to amaze me. Wishing the you the best of luck in getting your little miracle also. Thinking of you always

    Sandygirl - thanks - hugs to you also and I shall be looking forward to stalking the threads to see how you are going.

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    i also get these comments but we are TTC # 4 and i think the comments are worse ( not comparing though).
    we have 3 boys and dh had a vas when last baby was 12 weeks old and i was sick. regretted it later but too late to go back.
    anyway we get , why would you even want 4 kids, be happy with what you've got, why would you want to do this again ( as in have a baby)
    be greatfull
    and it goes on.
    the thing is no matter what number you are trying for the desire for another child is the same, yes i do have children and i get to have a "mothers day" and i do know how blessed i am but the desire to finish our family is still just as strong as when i had my second or third.
    i hope you get your BFP and 2nd child soon.
    good luck

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    Janda Guest


    Hi all,

    It is great to hear I'm not alone. I hate to speak to people about TTC for number 2 as I am totally blessed and know it having DS but still .....

    I haven't been on much since going back to work after the birth of my 1st DS. After hearing the wonderful news of my two good friends one with their 1st and the other with their second - it starts to become a bit harder to bear. With have been TTC for 14 months. It took 10 months for my DS, so I didn't expect it to be easy but now its just wearing on me. DH not any help, he says I should stop worrying about it - it will happen. Mum just says relax (i know its just not that easy). My SIL went though the whole secondary infertility, 2 angel babies and low sperm count, but IVF worked first time and now they are pround parents to 2 children 3 1/2 years apart. All the mothers group all either have just had their 2nd or are pregnant. My DS is only 20 months - but I would of liked a smaller gap- wishful thinking now.

    I got a lot of pity from my friends with TTC for DS as they only took 2-3 months. So I haven't told many people about TTC#2, I don't need the extra pressure.

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