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Thread: Trying to Concieve with IUI #1

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    Hi Nicole,

    I'm not sure for everyone else, but FS said that due to the fact that I have responded well to the previous meds and both DH and I don't have any "obvious" reasons for the infertility they would go ahead with short cycle straight away. It kind of all became a blur to be truthful, as we had so much to consider and I just wanted to get to the final decision. Also the nurse tried to do my blood test before I went into see FS and after 3 attempts sent me to the waiting room to drink a litre of water. Needless to say all I could concentrate on during the talk with FS was my bladder screaming at me!!! He was happy with DH's sperm levels from the previous iuis, and did give us the option of another IUI with an increase in my puregon to try to get more than one follie, but left the final decision to us and was happy to go with either. The main thing that swayed DH and I was that currently with IUI we had a 10% chance of falling whereas that jumps to 50% with IVF.

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    New thread time, ladies!

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