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Thread: How to tell DH he's got himself a SAHM

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    No, just overnight I think he realised I was pregnant and just stopped asking me to do things all the time. I do think that the huge bandage girdle I had to wear for two weeks helped a lot, as did my falling asleep on the sofa most nights, but you never know.

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    You're FAR TOO GOOD to that man of yours.

    Tell him to grow up... if he's grumpy about the place not being dusted... tell him that he has 2 legs & a heartbeat and can stuffing well do it himself. IF his dinner isn't on the table at the right time for him.. he's more than welcome to help you and make dinner.

    Your baby isn't even born and you already have 2 full time jobs... hell, just the action of your body making your baby is a full-time job for your body... No wonder you're bloody tired all the time.

    My hubby does everything for me... and I do everything for him... when we both can... I even get foot/leg/back/scalp massages to make me feel better (a happier mum is a happier baby = a happier husband & father)...

    Don't run around for him... make him do the running around for the both of you... Don't feel stressed if you can't make cakes/dinner for him when baby is born... hell, there'll be days that you can't even take a shower during the day... let alone tend to his childish needs.

    Finally, tell him that the 2 of you created this child... that he is just as responsible for its life... and to take care of this baby's mother... is the highest calling that he has...

    If both of you are working, get a cleaner for a while... just someone to do floors, bath & shower... stuff to let you need to breathe for a bit.

    Ohhhh... I can't believe there are men that treat their women like this... I wouldn't allow a man to be this woeful to me & my unborn child - whose needs, right now, come above mine & his.

    Take care of yourself... YOU and this baby are the MOST important things!!


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