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    Back pain

    After seeing a physio for a few weeks, with mixed results I saw a different one today. She thinks that my Sacro-iliac joint is definately causing me the pain. Which is a bit of a poo as it is quite early and I dread what it will be like. The physio has suggested a brace/belt thing I could try, as well as more stretches, plus what I am already doing. I swear sitting on a tennis ball is the best for getting into the muscle to massage it. It hurts but it hurts anyway.

    Has anyone tried the belt things?

    What did you think? did it help?

    If you have any other tips please share. I would really really love to know

    Mods if this is in the wrong spot please move

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    Hi Luey!

    My chiropractor fixes my sciatic problems with a 6-minute visit and I'm 37 weeks pregnant (God bless his soul). Maybe you could start going to a chiro? I went to a physio for 7 years whilst a swimmer but never really got anything out of them. I got more out of a chiro in one visit than I did in 7 years at a physio.

    Good luck with the pain ..... I know what it can be like.

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