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Thread: cyst in ovary

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    Question cyst in ovary

    I have had PCOS for quite some time and thought that when I (finally) got pregnant, I would no longer get the cyst. Well, they have found one during my 10 wk ultrasound but acted like it was no biggie. It's kinda painfull at times, but I was wondering if anyone else had this happen to them and what the outcome was. Does anyone know of how to fend off these cysts during pregnancy? Thanks

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    Hi Sprite

    I might be wrong, but I didn't think Cystic Fibrosis had anything to do with actual cysts . I thought it was a genetic disorder that affected lung and digestive systems mainly.

    I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and have multiple follicle cysts on my ovaries. There's not much they can do about those.

    I've also had a dermoid cyst removed from my left ovary. It was getting bigger and can cause the ovary to twist and cut blood circulation. I'm sure if they suspected it was a dermoid they would have told you. The only way to get rid of these is to have surgery.

    The other cyst I've had (and might still have) is a corpus luteum cyst. This is where the egg was released from your ovary. It develops into a cyst and plays an important role in producing hormones to maintain your pregnancy. Everyone gets them. I had pain in my left side (where the cyst is) and asked my ob to have a look at my first appointment. I was initially worried about an ectopic pregnancy. He looked on the ultrasound and explained everything to me. They go away by themselves too. If the sonographer wasn't worried about your cyst, and you are in the early stages of pregnancy, then my guess is that it might be this.

    Speak to your GP or ob if you are really worried. Or ask for clarification- what is it? what causes it? etc.

    All the best!

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    I have a cyst too and nothing has been said about it and my pregnancy or the last pregnancy :-)

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    Default lol

    ya, my brain is in the clouds. I meant Pcos, don't know where I got the other thing, slowlyl loosing my mind lol...I changed it as not to confuse anyone...thanks hehe..

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