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    Question Persistent cyst

    Hi ladies, i had a scan yesterday (cd 17) and my FS is sure i have whats called a 'persistent cyst' near my right ovary.... he said the cyst can release it's own hormones, which then interfere with the hormones that help you conceive.
    Would like to hear from any others that may have had this experience, and if you've had successful treatment. At the moment, i'm thinking "great, now we have something else to add to the list of hurdles" Thanks, tp.

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    Therese, it sounds fairly similar to what I had when we tried to start our first IVF cycle. Maybe.

    When I was meant to start FSH injections, the first blood test showed that my estrogen levels were too high and I got called in for a scan. The scan showed something which was called a follicle by one nurse, and a cyst by the other. I was told that if they didn't get rid of it before we began the FSH injections that it would just consume the hormones and grow bigger and bigger and stop any other follicles from growing.

    I was given a trigger injection to get rid of it. It sort of worked in that the cyst/follicle went away, but the trigger injection wasn't as effective as it could have been and I ended up having to take a course of primolut... then we switched from synarel to lucrin, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    If your cyst is the type of thing I had then, it should be fairly easy to make it go away. Maybe. I've heard of other women getting cysts similar to mine and having to wait it out. Sorry I can't help more, it's probably worth chatting to your doctor to find out what exactly is going on and what can be done to get rid of it.


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    Hi BW, thanks for sharing your experience .... i'm thinking it does sound similar, in the fact that it looks like a folicle, which might be why one of your nurses called it that. I was told that they can just reduce and disappear on their own, or i could have a small procedure to have it ruptured. Once i've done some research, then i can come up with a list of Q's for my next appt. Thanks again

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