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Thread: Does anyone know anything about cysts during pregnancy?

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    Unhappy Does anyone know anything about cysts during pregnancy?

    Hey guys

    Really hoping someone has some advice or can share their experiences...

    I had an u/s this morning to check on my pregnancy, and they found some (ovarian I guess, sorry I'm hopeless!) cysts..and going by what they told me they are BIG, and there are a few of them Now, I know pretty much nothing about this- has anyone had a similar experience? And, if these cysts don't shrink how does that impact on my tiny bub and me?

    I'm scared because I just know nothing about this..and I'm a worrier.


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    oh what a stress , i think its not a big thing , but if they are of concern they will do extra monitioring on them ... i have a few cysts too , and alot of women have them ... ask the midwife or doc what they are going to do about them to ease your mind

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    Lee, I know nothing about cysts, but I wanted to pop in and offer my support.

    I hope you get the answers you're looking for soon.

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    Hi Lee, I dont know the exact explanation. Basically it is a good thing that you do have at least one cyst. When you release an egg a cyst forms on your ovaries which secrete hormones to enable the pregnancy to sustain itself until the placenta is fully formed(at around 14 weeks).

    I currently have a very large luteum cyst on my left ovary. I dont know what the size of yours are, but mine at 6weeks was 8cm by 8cm by 5cm deep, so fairly large. It does cause me a bit of pain however my dr has been monitoring it and it is slowly shrinking. The dr didnt mention too much about it but let me know that they dont do any kind of intervention until after the first trimester. I am coping well and my dr does not seem worried. I had one also with my first pregnancy, and numerous small ones with my second.

    I dont know your exact circumstances, but you should be ok. Talk to your dr and ask. Make an appointment to talk over your scan results. Talking to the dr is probably the only way you can help settle your worries.

    All the best hun.

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    Oh Lee!! I know you are worried about the cysts, but I am sooooo glad that your baby seems fine!!!!!

    I have noooooo clue about cysts, but I do agree with Helen ... your dr would be able to explain it best.

    Goodluck, hun

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    Hi Lee,

    I get large cyst all the time and they are a PITA but so far I have been lucky and haven't had too much trouble with them. Idid have one exceptionally large one (over 10cm x 8cm) before falling pg with DS - it was interferring with hormones apparently and preventing me from ovulating - apparently not as I fell pg (hehe) anyway it took just over 3 mths for it to shrink.

    With large cysts I was told to be careful as they can contort your ovary and tube and occassionally they burst which is apparently extremely painful, I have been very lucky to never have that happen but s I said I have had more than I care to count and nothing bad has every happened so wishing you and bubba all the best!!!! Yay for a December bub!

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    Thanks a heap guys for taking the time to reply and offer support.

    I have a GP app tuesday, so will see what he says. My obstertrician/gynae app isn't for a few weeks yet but hopefully my GP will be able to help out.

    Nadine- yes! we are stoked too! Never would have expected to see a beautiful 9 week bubba wriggling around a few weeks back!

    It's a funny thing though because although I am very scared, I am so glad that it is something wrong with me and NOT the baby..guess that's what being a mother is all about really isn't it.

    I did read up on some old threads about cysts, and saw that there are a few bb members that cyts have had a huge impact on, with fertility etc, so I'm trying to be accepting that this may end up being nothing at all, or a real nightmare. Anyway, out of my hands isn't it!

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    Did they say the word "corpus luteum" at all?

    A corpus luteum cyst, as someone said above, is a completely normal state of early pregnancy. After you have ovulated the corpus luteum (dead egg sack) remains and produces progesterone which prevents you bleeding (AF) to give the egg a chance to be fertilised and implant. It is what gives you a luteal phase of your cycle. In the event pregnancy happens the corpus luteum continues to make progesterone until there is a placenta which is functioning well enough to take over hormone manufacture to protect the pregnancy (end of the first tri or thereabouts). Corpus luteum cysts are diagnosed as "ovarian cysts" if they are 3cm across or more. They are thus VERY VERY common (because EVERY pregnancy has one, and they are usually 1-2cm across), i had one that was 10cm by 7cm and i never felt it at all, and i gave birth at home, so obviously it caused no medical complications. Mine was never re-checked because they are a normal part of PG, but the midwife i saw that day said they usually shrink away when the placenta takes over and they only re-scan in the UK if they're causing pain.

    From my POV it was interesting to know DD came from my right ovary.



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    Don't worry, I had the same thing and i too am a worry wart. I went in for an U/S at 5 weeks (for spotting) and was told I had two cysts on my left ovary. I was panicked at first but my doctor was not concerned. He said pregnancy was great for shrinking cysts. I had them monitored with each U/S and at my 20 week ultrasound there was no evidence that the cysts had even been there and I went on to have a very healthy and happy baby boy.

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    Hi lee, I knew i had cysts b4 i knew i was preggers, and when the doc said congrats your preggers the first thing that came out of my mouth was the i have cysts and how will they affect the baby.. he wasnt worried at all, he said they wont hurt bub.. so i would try not to worry

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