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Thread: Gardasil shot while pg !! ( unknowingly pg)

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    Default Gardasil shot while pg !! ( unknowingly pg)

    ok i have been trying to figure this out for a while now .. i knew i had a gardasil shot recently and the cogs were turning over and i put getting the shot and being pg together and after searching for the little card which has the dates for all the shots on it , i found it and one of my fears were revealed ..

    i concieved the 14th of november and on the gardasil card it says i had the shot on the 21st of nov .. give or take 1 or 2 days .. i didnt find out i was pg till some time in december ..

    SO that means i have put my baby at risk ... from what i have read its bad to get the shots in pg as it can cause misscarrige and abnormalites ...

    i was in the early 1st trimester and even thoug my 12 wk scan came back fine , i am worried about the 18 wk one where they check everything ...

    should my doc or the nurse have asked if i was pg or likely to be pg ??? i feel uneasy about the fact they didnt ask me now that i think about it ...

    but it can cause bad things in fetuses and now i am worried about it !!

    should i ask when i get the scan to do more tests of should i inform my doc about it ( i will tell him , i just hope he doesnt let it pass and i end up with a SN baby)

    i just dont know what to do ??

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    When I was considering getting the shot, my dr said that he would need to know for sure that I wasn't pregnant. So he did a urine test, and a blood test. It turned out I was pregnant, so I didn't get it.

    Unfortunately there's not really much you can do about it now, but my advice is please do not stress over something you had no control over. You'll be having your scan in 2 weeks, so fingers crossed all turns out ok then.
    Definitely mention it to your dr as well, hopefully he/she can put your mind as ease a little.

    Good luck

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    The same thing just happened to me! i had my Gardisil needle (the 3rd & final one tuesday) I havent had AF yet but didnt really notice anything else coz i have been flat out..

    I took a test & it came back positive i dont know what to think as it would still be very early but i hope nothing will be wrong if there is a bub

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    i hope its all ok trini ... maybe get a bt ???

    im going to the doc today , couldnt sleep last night thinking something could be wrong ... need to get the facts off the docs and hear the hb ..!!!

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    Hope all works out well today Lea - def tell the doc, and *hugs*

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    well i told him and he said its too late now to be worriygin about the baby and that i'll have to wait for the scan to see if anything has happened .... i hope its all good .. HB was at 145 so , so far its ok !!

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    I just found out that I am pregnant 2 days ago and I am due for my final gardasil shot later this month. When I went for the 2nd shot I asked my dr about what would happen if I fell pregnant and if I would be able to have the 3rd shot, she said yes. Now I am a person who has had 2 previous miscarriages at 12 weeks so after reading everything you all wrote I don't think I am going to risk it and get my 3rd shot, no matter what the dr says.

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    I found this on a government website but not sure if I can post the link so am posting the quote...

    GARDASIL? is not recommended for use in pregnant women. However, there is no evidence to suggest that administration of the vaccine adversely affects fertility, pregnancy or infant outcomes. If the vaccine is inadvertently administered during pregnancy, advice should be given to defer completion of the course until after the birth; there is no need to consider termination.
    And this is from the gardasil product info:

    During clinical trials, 2,266 women (vaccine = 1,115 vs. placebo = 1,151)reported at least one pregnancy. Overall, the proportions of pregnancies withan adverse outcome were comparable in subjects who received GARDASILand subjects who received placebo.Further sub-analyses were done to evaluate pregnancies with estimatedonset within 30 days or more than 30 days from administration of a dose ofGARDASIL or placebo. For pregnancies with estimated onset within 30 daysof vaccination, 5 cases of congenital anomaly were observed in the group thatreceived GARDASIL compared to 0 cases of congenital anomaly in the group that received placebo. Conversely, in pregnancies with onset more than 30days following vaccination, 10 cases of congenital anomaly were observedin the group that received GARDASIL compared with 16 cases of congenitalanomaly in the group that received placebo. The types of anomalies observedwere consistent (regardless of when pregnancy occurred in relation tovaccination) with those generally observed in pregnancies in women 16 to 26 years of age.Thus, there is no evidence to suggest that administration of GARDASILadversely affects fertility, pregnancy, or infant outcomes.
    I hope this helps allay your fears.

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    Thanks for the info Krysalyss

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    Default Gardasil Injection and Pregnancy

    Hi Ladies, I am writing on behalf of my friend who has just found out she is pregnant (around 4 weeks). Last week she had her Gardasil injection and she is quite upset as she had done a pregnancy test but it had come back negative just before her injection so she thought she had nothing to worry about. She is looking to hear from people that were in their first trimester when they got the needle and went on to have babies. Could anyone help me out?

    Cheers, Nicole.

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    Nicole, Lea, who started this thread, has a beautiful baby girl with no problems. I hope that helps your friend.

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    nicole , i had my 2nd gardasil shot while pg (unknowingly) and my 3rd shot when dd was 2 mths old (at her vaccs) and shes just fine your friend will be OK too... aussure her not to worry !!

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    Default Very Worried about Gardasil Injection

    Hi All, I just found out I am pregnant - About 5 and a bit weeks now and unfortunately I had my third and final injection only last week - roughly around 4 weeks pregnant. How many people do we know have gone on to have healthy babies after having this vaccine whilst pregnant? I know the rats turned out okay but hey I nor my child is a rat. I am very very upset and stressed by this and I am looking for some more information.

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