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Thread: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

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    Unhappy Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    I just went to the drs this afternoon as i woke up this morning really struggling to breathe and my throat and chest was burning really bad, i thought it was just part of my flu but it felt like my throat was closing or something stuck in there, well i have been diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and from what i understand it is chronic and can be a lifelong issue, I had slight reflux when pg with DS but nothing like this, i seriously thought i was dying Today i read this=
    Certain conditions make a person susceptible to GERD. For example, GERD can be a serious problem during pregnancy. The elevated hormone levels of pregnancy probably cause reflux by lowering the pressure in the lower esophageal sphincter (see below). At the same time, the growing fetus increases the pressure in the abdomen. Both of these effects would be expected to increase reflux.
    Has Anyone suffered this during pregnancy and had it go away? Im a bit worried about having it forever as i hate taking medication but it has burnt my oesophagus llike overnight and feels like i have eaten a fire ball

    Also does any one know of any other way to relieve the intensity? So far i have been told to decrease acidic foods in my diet and have more dairy but less cheese, to have mylanta liquid 3x per day and zantac?? tabs if needed, and to try and prop myself up with pillows at night as it is worse at night when your not upright and not creating enough saliva to break the acids down. If this doesnt help the dr wants to discuss meds but isnt happy about them at the moment as its unknown whether they can affect bubs or not.

    Sorry i have babbled heaps, but i really hate this! Thanks ladies.

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    I don't have GERD but have found fruit tingles to be great for heartburn.....

    Hope you can find some more tips sounds awful you poor thing

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    Alison ginger Guest


    I had some reflux and indigestion in the last few weeks and osteo treatment really helped. I have had it twice now and the osteo treatment has completely relieved it by the next day. You could try that!

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    Poor love it's horrible isn't it?

    I had mine diagnosed in preg but turns out I've always had it - just never knew what it was.
    Mine got markedly better post baby and now I only get it when my body's balance is a bit off. Avoiding the classic foods seems to have no effect on mine and sadly I seem to have passed it on to my daughter. However the positioning thing is true that really works as does lots of milk if you drink it.
    I'm another huge fan of fruit tingles and I never lay down straight after a meal. Leave it half to an hour.
    Oh and apple juice/orange juice is HORRENDOUS for mine.
    I was nervous about taking drugs last preg too, but this time I remember how bad it was so if they say it's safe I'm going to give it a run.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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    I have personally found Gaviscon to work much better than Mylanta, because it forms a plug which helps keep everything in your tummy. Keep your meals small, and try to eat a couple of hours before bed.

    Please don't fret about it lasting forever, it's one of those things that are far worse in PG. I've had it in the past but have recovered (changing a few lifestyle habits fixed it for me). Occasionally it recurs out of the blue but I can usually work out what has caused it and it settles down after a couple of days. HTH

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    YES!! I hear you.

    I have severe GERD at the moment and i can only STRESS to you to try and manage it for the rest of your pregnancy.

    Reflux started at 20 wks with me.

    At 29 wks i went to bed fine and woke up early the next morning (about 7am) with heartburn and reflux. I was on Ranitidine (zantac) so couldnt understand why i had the burning. I took my morning med and it got worse. Out of nowhere i vomitted and it was bright red blood. I rang the hospital and was told to come straight in. I vomitted another 2 times, more blood but coffee ground coloured. I ended up in the high dependancy unit and needed a blood transfusion. I then spent 3 days on an IV medication and fluids. I wasnt allowed to eat for 4 days.

    I was sent home on the same med i had to be given IV but in capsule form. Its called Omeprazole. I also have to be on a soft food diet and no acid food or drink at all.

    A few weeks later i had to have my med increased and have realised i need to stay on soft, plain foods until i have my baby.

    A week ago a dr lowered my med and a week after lowering it i was experiencing bad stomach pain. I had to get checked yesterday and they have doubled my dose again.

    I dont want to scare you and i know all that is full on but i thought i should share my experience on what GERD can do during pregnancy. Its alot more than simple heartburn and reflux.

    I have been eating soft foods like mashed veges, well cooked pasta etc.

    Avoid things high in water content like soups and jelly and drinking water.
    Avoid acidic foods and drinks like soft drink, tomatoes and tomato based foods, oranges, citrus fruits.
    I have found chocolate to make my symptoms worse but choc milk is ok.
    Drink lots of milk and eat lots of dairy, cream, custard, etc

    I have a soft drink here and there but its very spaced out.

    And yes, sleep propped up. I have 3 pillows and 2 small quilts folded to help me sleep.

    I found researching GERD helped alot and what i could and couldnt eat.

    I hope this helps. If you help it out now, hopefully you can stay on just the zantac.

    I dont know if my GERD is going to resolve itself when i have my baby, i will get back to you and let you know.

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    I forgot to say to avoid eating steaks and things that are hard to digest too.

    You can have them now and then but try not to eat them too often.

    You do need an iron source though.

    Hope this helps


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    Default Natural remedies for reflux in pregnancy

    There are a couple of really good natural remedies that work like a dream for reflux during pregnancy. The info you found on why it is caused during pregnancy is exactly right - the hormones alter the oesophageal sphincter tone and also the further you get in pregnancy the more the baby pushes up on on your stomach causing more reflux.
    If you are anywhere near the Belly Belly Pregnancy centre in Canterbury, Melbourne do come in and see us I am in on Tuesdays and Nicole Tracy on Thursdays. We'd love to help!
    Best wishes.
    Jocelyn King

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    Just thought i would pop back in and tell you how my stomach is now that ive had my baby.

    The reflux that i had during pregnancy eased off enormously as soon as she was born. I have had it once or twice in the last 13 days but before it was every time i ate.

    My stomach is still sore though. They halved my meds and the stomach pain has increased like it was doing when i was pregnant. So i will have to go to the dr to get it all looked into further.

    I hope you are going ok


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    Angry N.E.R.D & Morning Sickness

    Hi- I was diagnosed with Non Erosive Reflux disorder about 2 years ago, it means i have the symtoms of Ulcers and Reflux etc, without it tearing or wearing away at my lining. I have a fairly bad case of it, which needs to be controlled with meds.

    I was initially taking Nexium to stop the acids in by body, but it was making me gain alot of weight, so I was prescribed with Somac, which has been alot better. I am meant to take 1 tablet a day along with a Zantac in the morning and 1 in the evening.

    I am only 6 weeks pregnant and as soon as I discovered I was pregnant- about 3 weeks ago, I stopped taking the Somac on the instruction from my specialist (over the phone as my appointment isn't until Friday 31st).

    In the mean time I also stopped the Zantac as I wasn't sure if this was safe.

    What this has meant is that my stomach is absolutely ruined. My morning sickness kicked in about 2 days ago and with the vomiting, it is even worse, if that is possible....!

    I feel as though my stomach lining is torn or something....

    Anyway, just sharing my experience with this horrible feeling- cannot wait to meet with the specialist to see if he can recommend an alternative to me... I have also been told by my GP in the meantime, that it is OK to take Zantac, so I have started that again, but my stomach is beyond repair with Zantac right now...

    Does anyone have any similar experience with NERD or GERD? Have you found ways to control this during your pregnancy?????

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    Default Horrible Reflux

    Hi I'm about 13 wks pergnant. I've been having this horrible relux which started from wk 6. I had been taking Nexium since 2006 but when I was pregnant at about 4 wks this year I stopped taking it. My ms kicked in around that time. I couldn't eat and threw up a lot, sometimes 3x in one night. That was when my reflux made its grand entrance and it's been bothering me ever since. My GP prescribed me with Ranitidine and Mylanta. I had to suffer a few more weeks before the medication worked. Now am hooked with my med. If for some silly reason I feel OK and stop taking the Mylanta (I stil take the Rani 2x a day, half tablet each), lo and behold am in agony again. Just like AANGELZZZ I can understand what she had to go through. Sometimes I feel like my stomach is beyond repair since I was without my medication for about a week or two when the ms kicked in. I just hope this won't be a permanent problem.

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    Hi folks

    I had severe hyperemesis and GERD while pregnant with DS (he's now almost 7 years!) On the very rare occasion that could leave the house (due to vomiting) I carried a bottle of mylanta in my handbag!
    I have since spent years on a high dosage of Nexium. In 2007 I had surgery to fix my GERD (Nissen Fundoplication) and it was THE BEST THING I"VE EVER DONE! I'm not suggesting everyone should run out and be operated on, but if there is anyone with this condition so severe that their Dr has suggested surgery - don't be afraid of it. GERD robbed me of my life, I couldn't run after my toddler, or change his nappy. No matter how bad GERD gets for you, it will not last forever, there is always something that can be done (just sometimes takes a while to sort out)

    xx Mel

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