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Thread: Hyperemesis?

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    Default Hyperemesis?

    I have this, and I'm at my wits end. I can't stop vomiting or crying or sometimes both. I wonder if I am in fact, dying.

    I've just spent 4 days in hospital being rehydrated and treated with drugs. To come home and immediately start vomiting again.

    I just don't know how much I can take. I'm only 11 weeks PG with a much wanted IVF bub.

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    S00zie, hope you are feeling better soon. People say that if you have really bad sickness then it means bub is growing well! Not sure if its true, but its wht I've heard

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    know where you are coming from- was in the same boat as you until the day i delivered. I lost 20kg in weight when i was pg with my twins!
    ask your Ob to give you a script for Zofran- that is what they would have given you in hospital to stop you throwing up. Its expensive until you reaach the PBS threshold- ask about it
    also try actupuncture - works a treat and when i tried it last pg when from throwing up 14 times a day to the day of actupuncture not thorwing up at all- it did come back a little- but after each treatment it slowly went away
    HTH and good luck!!!!

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