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    Unhappy Rash

    I have a rash all over my belly. It started yesterday afternoon, but hasn't gotten any worse (or spread any further) over night. It's a bit itchy, but not too bad. It kinda looks like heat rash - maybe that's all it is...?
    Anybody know?

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    I know when I was pregnant with DS I got an awful rash on my belly, it was so freakin itchy it wasn't funny!!!!! I couldn't stop scratching it and eventually took some skin off (whoops). I went to the doc and they prescribed a cream for me which was safe to use. Worked a charm. I would say that if it gets itchier just go to the doc for them to take a look at it, make sure its nothing to worry about. better safe than sorry!

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    It could be the PUPP rash. It sometimes happens in later pregnancy. I got it after I had Darcy and it looked like the measles. Started on my belly and moved out. From memory it went away by itself after a couple of days, but some women have the whole rest of their pregnancy.

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    Thanks for your responses.
    It's no worse, and not so itchy. I'll ask my doc about it when I see him on Friday
    Thanks again

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