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    During an early ultrasound (5 weeks) I was told that my uterus had a subseptate appearance. The septum was not apparent in my 12 week scan. I am now almost 17 weeks pregnant with everything appearing to be going well. Will be having a scan at 19 weeks which will include an assessment of my cervix to determine whether there is any premature shortening. The risks are that I will deliver too early (incompetent cervix) or that the baby will be breech. My ob doesn't seem to be particularly concerned about all of this, but I am worried. My husband and I are supposed to be travelling o/s from week 19 to week 23, and I am terrified of something going wrong while we are away. Is there anyone out there who has this same condition? I really need to talk to someone who has been through or is going through this. The more I think about it the more frightened I become.

    Thanks, Lisa

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    Hi Lisa I had the same diagnosis (bicornate uterus) at about 5 weeks with my first pregnancy and I was told the same risks, I was so worried about everything and was crying all the time thinking the pregnancy would end in m/c or early labour, I had to wait till 12 weeks before I had another ultrasound and surprise everything seemed fine! I worried myself sick for nothing. my baby was born healthy, via C section (not because of the bicornate uterus) and I went into labour naturally at 39 weeks.
    When I had my second baby I told my OB about the bicornate uterus diagnosis and during the c section my dr said he could not see any septum or problems with my uterus! 3rd time around I have been diagnosed with a uterus that tilts back (pretty common and no problems).
    Try not to worry too much I'm sure everything will be just fine

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    Oh am I glad to hear someone else has this. I found out before I got pregnant that I had a subseptate uterus. I am 5 wks and 3 days and will be having an ultrasound on monday. I am also super nervous. The doctor didnt seem to worried with it either which is weird because when you google it on the internet it doesnt have to many positive things to say about it. So right now I guess we will just have to trust the experts and have faith that everything will be okay.

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    Hi Jessica,

    It seems so long ago since I started that thread, but I can remember the anxiety like it was yesterday. You'll be pleased to know that I now have a beautiful 6 month old daughter who was born at 39 weeks and 4 days through a vaginal delivery with no complications that were related to my uterus.

    When I spoke to the obstetrician about it during the early days I asked him whether it meant that it would be a high risk pregnancy and his reply was "No, not at all." Of course, me being me, I still worried and probably spent far too much time researching on the internet and scaring the hell out of myself - you are right, if you read about it, it doesn't sound very positive. Imagine if I had just trusted what the doctor said and not done any research - I probably would have been far more relaxed and none the wiser. It's hard though, you just want to find some information, anything, that will put your mind at ease.

    Anyway, at my 19 week scan my cervix was still normal and I was told there was no longer a need to continue to monitor it. My husband and I went overseas for Christmas and I had no problems at all. In the end I went full term and she wasn't even breech! My biggest problems began soon after her birth when I was hit with full blown post-natal depression and anxiety, but that's another story.

    I am now doing really well and, apart from a recent bout of mastitis, I've never been more well or happier. Try not to read too much stuff on the internet (that's hilarious advice coming from me) I think it often only serves to frighten you even more. Good luck with your scan on Monday. I hope that my story helps to ease your worries.

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