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Thread: White lump on nipple...

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    Default White lump on nipple...

    For the last two (or three - gasp) months, I've had a white lump on one of my nipples. It's a tiny bit smaller than this smilie but is white. When I put pressure around it, it whitens a bit more. If I'm in a warm shower, it tends to disappear a bit (the whiteness) and kinda disappears into the rest of my nipple but when I'm cold, it forms a distinct lump on the end of my nipple (well, a bit to the left of centre).

    I haven't breastfed for about 5 months so am ruling out a mastitussy thing (plus I'm not sick). It can be itchy sometimes but I think that's just because I fuss with it and my nipples are a bit sensitive.

    I've been meaning to ask my midwife but usually forget. I will try to remember again next week at my 31 week visit.

    I'm not too worried, just wondering if anyone knows what it might be?

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    it sounds like it might be a blocked duct i have had something similar this time and my youngest is 5 now so have not bf in years.

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