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Thread: Have you had a Laparoscopy?

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    Default Have you had a Laparoscopy?

    Mods please move if this is the wrong forum.

    I'm booked in for a laparoscopy shortly to check my tubes etc. I've been googling and it seems like some women need a week off work afterwards!
    Mine is on a Monday, I'll be back at work on the Wednesday. I'm wondering if I may need more time?

    Also - how painful is it afterwards?


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    I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy and a D&C done in 99 and it made me swear that I would never have a c/s. I had three days off work and I had to call in to say that I still wasn't able to come in because I was still quite sore and I had a bit of shoulder pain as well (due to the gas they use to bloat your stomach up with and this is not uncommon) I found it difficult to drive as the seatbelt went right across my tummy where one of the incisions was (I had three - one in the bikini area similar to where a c/s cut is done, one in my navel and one to the left). All up I would say it took a good 3wks to be completely back to normal without any soreness.

    Play it by ear and see how you go - everyone will have a different recovery time and depending on how rough they are when they do it you may not be that sore at all.
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    hi mrs p,
    yes, I had a lap and a hysteroscopy at the same time under a general anaesthetic, that would be about 7 years ago now.
    I was back at work the next day, couldnt afford at the time not to! I recall feeling really crappy when I first woke up and in a bit of pain, op was done at like 7 in the morning and I was out by lucnh time and curled up on the couch at home, on pain killers, oh yes and the shoulder pain, from the gas displacing the diaphragm or something!
    but anyway, like I said I was at work the next day, doing a bit of heavy lifting (probably not recommended, Im sure I ripped a few stitches!) and standing on my feet all day. I was more tired from the after effects of the anaesthetic than anything.
    Hope it all goes well, take the time off if you can.

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    I've had two. The first was to remove a large cyst from my ovary and was horrendous. I was in agony for weeks, had to take 3 weeks off work and it took about 6 weeks before I felt like I was getting back to normal. It even hurt to eat, I kid you not. I had shoulder tip pain for about 2 weeks. I should mention though that this turned out to be a pretty serious surgery, I was in theatre for nearly 4 hours and lost a lot of blood. Talk about feeling butchered...

    The second was 6 months later (lucky me!) and was a walk in the park in comparison. I had a hysteroscopy done during this lap. I felt a million times better from the time I woke in recovery and was back at work the next week. Discomfort was minimal.

    I would be prepared to take some time off work if needed, it really does depend on the person and what is done during the procedure.

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    Thanks for the fast responses! Looks like I'll just need to play it by ear. My work are pretty flexible so it shouldn't be too much of a problem - perhaps I'll take the Wednesday off anyway just in case - but I'm booked in for a first aid course on the Friday (4 days after). I'm wondering if that would still be a good idea or not? The practical side might be a bit too physical. Hmm.

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    Mrs P,
    I had one two weeks ago to remove my left tube (due to ecoptic preg.). I recovered a lot quicker than the first one I had 4 years ago (to remove fibroid). I recommend 5 days off or at least until the stitches are out.
    I hope the surgery goes well for you and you have a quick recovery.

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    I had a lap on a WED & went to the GP on the MON morn so my GP could take the stitches out, that was about 40mins before work.

    ... Got to work & felt really off ... and went home that same day & also took TUES off

    My Gyno & GP originally recommended ' 1 week off ' and wish I just listened to them & planned it better so I didn't have to stuff work around by taking off another 2 days (the Mon & Tues)


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