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    just wondering if anyone has experienced severe joint pain post pregnancy. I am lucky enough to have 3 gorgeous kids and have had months of really severe joint pain post birth with all of them. The joint pain was worst with my first and started at around 6 weeks this time the joint pain is getting worse! I have pain in all of my joints but particularly my fingers wrists knees and ankles!
    I am taking a joint supplement from my Naturopath which helps a littlle but as I said just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences


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    Yes, I get severe pain in my ankles. I used to get it years ago after a dancing injury but it rectified with physio and, for one ankle, after surgery. Since having DD I have found that if I sit with my legs on the foot stool and cross them, they hurt a lot when I stand. Actually, if I sit for too long they hurt when I put any weight on them or try to move them. It is also bad when I get up out of bed to the point that I limp or waddle. In my case, I know the cause is related to my previous injury and will rectify with regular stretching, weight loss, and physio.

    Hope your pain gets better soon.


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    Hi Sue, I'm nearly 4 weeks post natal and I have had really sore wrists and general all over stiffness. I will be interested to see how many others suffer similarly.

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