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Thread: Miscarriage Advice

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    Michael i'm so sorry.

    My first loss i had one cramp which was comparable to labour pain.

    My 2nd (actually much earlier, began to spot at 5wks, complete loss at 6.5wks) loss was incredibly painful for several hours. I did end up in A&E. I had agonising contraction-like waves of pain in my back, heavy bloodloss and felt very dizzy and sick. I had a hot bath which made the bleeding heavier and the pain worse but hastened the loss (i had the bath, went to hospital, came home, lost the baby) so was i suppose good in that way. I did NOT have arm pain and that doesn't sound good to me either.

    It's such a very personal time. The last thing i wanted was to go into hospital. But i suppose i should tell you what my mother told me at the time. They probably cannot help you, but you needn't let them harm you, and though this baby couldn't stay, the next one will and it needs a safe place in which to do so. If you are worried, take her to hospital.

    Please tell her when she is able to hear it that i cried reading your posts. Reading this brought back my own losses so acutely, it's so painful to think of another couple having to go through it. I wish i could do more than , but's it's the best i got right now.


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    Michael, huni I am sooooo very sorry to hear you guys are going through this.

    From what Vic has said to me it sounds like she is coming through the other side of it. But I did tell her that if it gets worse she should listen and go to the hospital too.

    Sending you both huge hugs from me. You know where I am if you guys need me

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