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Thread: Need Advice - Early Miscarriage

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    Default Need Advice - Early Miscarriage

    Hi everyone. I need some advice.

    It's not common knowledge (I guess it kind of is now, though) but myself and DW have been TTC for two months now. DW got her period about a week ago, and then it stopped two days ago, but suddenly yesterday evening, she started to get lots of bright red bleeding, and severe period pain, much worse than normal. She's in bed this morning, and she tells me she didn't sleep much overnight (I finished night shift yesterday, so I was virtually unconscious overnight... ) Because she was having lots of pregnancy symptoms until her period started - in fact, right up until now - we suspect this might be an early miscarriage.

    I'm unsure as to whether I should try and get her in to her GP, or whether she needs to go to ED, for ultrasounds, or whether we let things take their course. I know, I know, I'm a nurse, and she's a midwife, but it's just one of those situations where I am unsure.

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    Oh Michael i am really sorry to hear this! to both of you.

    Personally with my first one i let nature take its course and then had myself checked out via ultra sound a few days later. Second time i did not want to wait for it all to happen naturally and so had medical intervention quickly.

    I think it really depends on how your wife is feeling - much more how she is feeling emotionally rather than physically.

    There are no answers here, its just a matter of finding what feels best for you.

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    Maybe just a visit to the GP for a BT then take it from there.

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    So sorry to hear this
    When I miscarried, I had bright red bleeding and sharp abdominal pains and went and got checked out by my gp. After doing a HPT & blood test, results the next day showed I had miscarried. I then let nature take its course, and had an ultrasound about a week or two later to make sure it had passed.
    You will need to speak with your DW about how she feels, and what she wants to do. For me, miscarrying naturally was quite painful, not to mention emotionally as well. It took about 5 days before it had all passed.

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    I personally would take her to a GP. I had the exact same thing happen to me in January of last year. I got my AF, but then a couple of weeks later I started spotting, then bleeding. I went to my GP who was concerned it was ectopic so she sent me for an u/s and they did find a small mass in my tube. They sent me straight to emergency because ectopic as you know can be life threatening. The hospital decided that because the mass was quite small that they would monitor me with blood tests and see if nature would take it's course. Thankfully it did and I was pg again in Feb with my DS2.

    I don't mean to scare you, but after my experience I think it's always better to err on the side of caution.

    I'm sorry you and your DW are going through this right now

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    i was going to give pretty much the same advice as Trish - even though it might seem to be passing ok at home, it is always best to see the GP - it's always best to be safe and get it checked out - if for no other reason than to make sure it is a loss, not an ectopic pregnancy. ectopics can cause excessive pain, bleeding etc, BEFORE becoming a major problem.

    i'm really sorry you and your DW are going through this - words just aren't enough to convey how much i feel for you both


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