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Thread: pegnancy after partial molar

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    Question pegnancy after partial molar

    hi all,
    in april 2007 i found out i had a partial molar pregnancy baby died in march. i have just found out i am pregnant again so the 6 months has gone by since my loss but the tests didnt start till july so they are not finished . has anybody got pregnant 6 months after and had a healthy baby as im scared it will happen again many thanks lisa

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    Hi Lisa - I fell pregnant four months after my partial molar and my boy is 1 on Thurs As long as your Dr keeps you monitored you should be ok. We had fortnightly scans until 15wks and weekly bloods too.

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    Default hi

    hi nelly thanks for the reply glad it worked out ok for you and happy birthday to your little boy for thursday. did they get i touch with you when they seen you hcg levels going up or did you go to them , im worried what my doctor will say cause he aint the nicest of doctors. did you get moaned at at all ? thanks again love lisa

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