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Thread: early "toilet learning"

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    Default Books and DVDs on EC

    There are three books (that I know of) that are available in Australia specifically about EC and two DVDs.

    The books are:
    "Infant Potty Training" by Laurie Boucke - very comprehensive with details on how to start at any age and also gives information on a variety of cultures
    "Infant Potty Basics" also by Laurie Boucke - a cut down version of the above book, omitting so much of the traditional culture stuff, but also telling how to start
    "DiaperFree!" by Ingrid Bauer - how to start and more of "why" to start - talks about respect and other emotional things.

    The DVDs are:
    "Nappy Free" by Nicole Moore - a practical and pragmatic documentary on elimination communication based on an Australian community doing it
    "Potty Whispering" by Laurie Boucke - a two DVD set with interviews from parents, care-givers and medical personnel and footage of a variety of babies and toddlers


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    thanks for that they have books on "how to sit your toddlers butt on the potty and keep it there" coz hes a worm and wont sit on a toilet or a potty ....

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