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    Default Novice question!

    Ok I am a complete novice on the MCN front and I have no idea! As of now I have no nappies, but I am going to get a few different kinds to try out before I have baby no2. Once no 2 comes, I will most likely have 2 in nappies so want to be using cloth by then.

    When you buy pocket nappies, do you get all of the pieces you need for them, or do you need to buy boosters, I even asking a relevant question? LOL! I am looking at Happy Heiny pockets, they are 15.95, but I don't know if that is american dollars?
    I want to get a few differnt kind (pockets, AIO, and different brands etc...) to try first. I was also looking at bumgenious 2.0 which are 14.95 .I have a feeling it is an american site, though so not australian dollars.

    Arrggghh! Anyone have any advice for me I am so confused, hehe.

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    Hey Kellie. Sometimes pockets nappies come with an insert. I know when I bought my Peapods they each came with a hemp/cotton insert, but I've seen some other brands where you have to buy it seperately.

    I think the site you are looking at sounds like it is american dollars. Sounds a lot cheaper than the BumGenius I have seen!

    If you google 'modern cloth nappies' or 'bumgenius' and search for sites in Australia, you should find a few online shops. There are lots out there.

    Goodluck! its very addictive.

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    I've just done the same thing as you - bought a few different kinds to try out before buying a stash. Of the ones I bought the greenkids and the happy heineys you had to buy the inserts separately, but the peapods, hautes, berry plush and bumgenius all came with the inserts as part of the price.

    Like Karina said, I'm pretty sure that's US $ you're looking at. From memory the nappies I bought were from about $20 (peapods) and then up to about $35.

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