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Thread: Russian babies need YOUR help!

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    Default Update - Auctions!!Russian babies need YOUR help!

    Hi Everyone!
    I have permission to post this here – a request for your help for an urgent need.

    I am friends with someone who has just returned from 12 year’s work with orphans and poor women in Russia. She has told me of the horrible state of baby’s bottoms over there due to the unavailability of suitable nappy products. Terry towelling and modern cloth nappies do not exist. Mothers either use rags, overlaid with plastic supermarket bags taped around the baby, or worse, they use disposable nappies – but they can’t afford to buy them full time – so they use them over and over and over again – removing the middle when it is entirely saturated – and placing toilet paper or rags inside them instead. They fasten these makeshift nappies with scotch tape.

    Naturally, the babies get terrible rashes and allergic reactions to the tape. Children have had urinary tract infections develop and some have even been hospitalised as a result.

    I have decided that I want to make a difference to these children, so I have established an appeal called “Nappies for Russia” – here is where I need help from other mums!

    My friend knows of at least 120 babies in need, however she has also told me of her friend who works in another city with babies with AIDS, and she would love us to supply nappies to improve these babies’ quality of life for the short time they have left. There are hundreds of kids in need, but we have set ourselves the initial, ambitious goal, of sending 100 nappy packages.

    Each package will contain 12-13 nappies, 2 snappis, 2 covers, 1 thing of nappy rash treatment, instructions on how to prevent nappy rash and use the nappies, and a liner for each nappy. We won’t send any disposables! I would LOVE to send at least 1 nice special nappy – i.e an MCN for each baby, to send some love from Australia. I’m sure Russian mothers like seeing lovely items on their babies as much as we do.

    So anyway, I need your help!
    You can help by:
    • Donating your used or unused nappies, including mcn and flats etc, as well as covers, and other nappy related items.
    • Knitting longies (for warmth, as well as nappy covering)
    • Volunteer to help with promoting the appeal, packing the parcels to post, cutting out fleece liners, spread the word to everyone!
    • Donating money for postage, or special items to auction for same.

    If you have a store discount or gift voucher, for a store that sells any of the products needed, that would be a valuable donation also.

    We have a website which details more about the appeal. Please check it out for more information:

    Nappies For Russia Home

    This is a totally voluntary thing on my part, and non-profit of course. The collections are being done through Ashgrove Baptist Church for accountability.

    PLEASE, could you have a read of the website, and think about how you can help.

    As the postage money will probably be the hardest thing to procure, I’m hoping that we might be able to sell/auction some of the more special nappies to raise that, so keep an eye out for a Russia nappy auction thread in the trading room shortly. If you can donate a nappy, we would love it if you could also send a small donation to help cover the postage for it. (it’s about $7.50 per 500g.)

    If you can help, could you please either contact me through the forum or email me on nicole(at)therapydogs(dot)org(dot)au

    Of course you can also post here! Please post and let us know what you’re sending – and if you’re happy to let us sell the item for postage money, post that too so that other forum members can see what might be for sale in the auction later on. Note that some nappies donated (most, actually) will go directly to Russia, just the most valuable ones might be worth more auctioned, then the money used for postage or to buy cheaper terries. 1300 nappies is a lot to get together!

    If you want to donate something but don’t have anything to hand, and you want to purchase a new item to donate, please check out the website first for guidelines on what is most needed.

    Please let me know if there’s any way you can help – and pass the word along to your mother’s group, other web groups and just any group of concerned people you know!

    If you are able to donate please check the website for exact details on postage/drop off locations. To be brief, I'll just say here that you can post items to:
    Nappies for Russia
    c/o Ashgrove Baptist Church
    PO Box 2077
    West Ashgrove, Qld, 4060

    Let's see what we can do to help these poor babies!

    Thanks everyone,
    Nappies For Russia Home
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    FluffyLaRue Guest


    What a wonderful thing you are doing!
    I will have to round up some nappies from the MiniCuteture stores to send you some nappies, I'll also make a nice embroidered nappy for you to auction

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    What a great idea.
    I have a stash of modern cloth that is seldom utilised and a whole heap of terry flats that could do with a new home.
    I'll try and sort some out today.
    I've got some hemp pre-folds that I never use - would you use them?

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    I have a friend who works at our local hospital, and gets me the flat hospital terries when there getting rid of them. There a little old, but there is nothing wrong with them. I could probably get a heap. Would these be ok??

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    I'll hopefully be able to help you out on the 29th, just trasport that may be an issues. Such a worthy cause though. I have one almost brand new MCN I'm willing to part with, some pilchers/fluffies and some snappis

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    Wow good on you, what a great idea! Are you not sending disposables to prevent them from being reused? The reason I ask is because I have a stack of newborn nappies left over that I no longer need, was going to give them to my SIL who is due soon, but if you want them you can have them??

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    Made this a sticky

    I have some flanny flats that I can donate. Will get them in the post ASAP.

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    Thanks everybody - i'll try to remember the questions:

    yes, we will use prefolds - excellent!

    ex hospital definitely - especially as they should be nice and thin by now which means they will go in our special "newborn" packs that will be sent out on loan to the local women when they are due to have their bubs. they will return the newborn pack at 6-8 weeks then will get a proper pack to keep. it's all getting very official!

    flannyl flats will be in teh same packs.

    thanks hayley but no, we won't send disposables as they are likely to be reused - and even if not are likely to not last long enough to make it worth the postage cost to send.

    Thanks anyway though - your SIL will appreciate them i"m sure!

    thank you thank you thank you!

    and thanks for the sticky too!

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    another question - nappy rash treatments? would you like powders and ointments as well or will you be purchasing them?
    If you want powders etc let me know and I'll chuck some samples I have in too.

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    Thanks for the work you are doing...what an inspiration. I will get onto it now


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    absolutely we need any sort of rash treatment or prevention cream/powder/ointment etc.

    it is by far the shortest supply thing we have. put it this way, we have enough nappies for about 30 packages, but only enough creams for 3!

    by the way, if anyone happens to see rash creams on special at coles/woolies/amcal - anywhere - please let me know so I can spread the word about where to buy them cheaply. the best i've seen is amcal brand for $4.95 100g tub. Can anyone better that?

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    What a fantastic idea! i have just sold nearly all of my hardly used MCN's, but the ones i have left i will send to the address given as soon as i can afford the postage, probably in a couple of weeks time. Is there a time limit on this or will it be going for a while, im thinking that chucking an extra tube of nappy rash cream in the trolley each week wont break the bank. Anyway thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to help these mums and bubs.

    Oh, this is what i have to send:

    2 Pea Pods with hemp inserts
    extra hemp insert
    happy hempy sherpa pocket
    Mother Ease pul cover, never used
    Tots Bots fleece cover


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    What a great thing you are doing! Count me in to help at the brisbane sew-a-thon! The only thing is I cant sew! But would love to help with packing!x

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    brilliant, thanks widdly! We want ot try to get as much as possible by the 29th for packing day number one - but it will go on for I say a few months after that before we get it all ready.

    by the way, anyone available for the 29th, please email me so I can send you the address and time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolelh View Post
    absolutely we need any sort of rash treatment or prevention cream/powder/ointment etc.

    it is by far the shortest supply thing we have. put it this way, we have enough nappies for about 30 packages, but only enough creams for 3!
    ok, if that's how it is I'll chuck a couple in the shopping trolley before I post my parcel, I'm sure it won't break the bank

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    Nicole i just emailed you! I am Amber by the way

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    I sent you a parcel yesterday with some flats, some hemp pre-folds, an AIO and a few other bits and bobs

    I hope the donations are all adding up.

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    Thanks a lot dachlostar. the church admin officer tells me LOTS arrived today!

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