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Thread: Strip Washing MCN's

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    Default Strip Washing MCN's

    How often do you do this, and what way have you found the best way to do it?

    When I do it, I just wash them in a hot wash of 60 degrees with no powder then wash again with a little bit of powder. Is this about right or should I do it hotter or differently still.
    I am wanting to do one later today, so we can take our MCN's away with us on Christmas day

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    I do it when the naps get smelly. I do a quick rinse cycle (before each wash actually) then do a 90 deg one with bicarb soda chucked in (about 2 tbs - not sure if that's the correct amount) then some vinegar in the rinse cycle. I don't strip wash my fleece nappies though, or my PUL ones. The hottest temps they experience is about 40 deg.

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    Im the same as Cat , Lee. I wait until my bamboo nappies smell and give them a good hot wash with just a dollop of dishwashing liquid. I then do 2 rinses in a row (or until the suds have gone from the wash) and hang them like usual. Its amazing how different and new smelling they are afterwards.

    always rinse Last not first either.

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    would a dolop be two table spoons?

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    I use washing detergent too, it doesn't seem to matter how much you use just as long as you make sure you've washed it all out (no bubbles in the water).

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    I do a 60 degree long wash (about 2 hours) with a squirt of dishwashing liquid (about a teaspoon and a half) then rinse with vinegar until the suds have disappeared, usually takes about 2 rinses. Strip washing with dishwashing liquid is the best way to get out all the built up oils and residue from the MCNs, for regular washes I just use a teaspoon of bi carb rather than washing powder.

    Be careful not to use too much dishwashing liquid though, the first time I did a strip wash I used waaayy too much. Put the wash on and went about my day, happened to walk into the laundry about an hour later and there were suds spilling out of the powder drawer and all over the floor LOL.

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