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    Default Creams....

    I'm sure this question has been asked and answered a thousand times.....

    Does anyone have any personal favourites for creams that are safe to use with MCN's?

    Usually this isn't a prob, but recently DD has had diarrhoea, which seems to be being put down to "random toddler diaarhoea" with no real cause or end in sight! (Been 7wks now).

    And no matter how quick i catch it and change, she is getting a sore bottom from the acidity of it (and I'm getting mighty tired of horrid nappies and inserts in my pocket nappies that suck up the yucky liquid and STAIN like there's no tomorrow!).

    I know I can't use zinc type creams, but just wondering if there are any out there I can use??? I have heard Amolin might be OK, cos its based on almond oil??? But there are prob many good things out there online that I haven't discovered yet....


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    I use Lucas's pawpaw ointment on DS's bottom.You can buy this from the chemist and supermarkets
    I'm not sure if it will cause any probs with the mcn's that you use though.

    Hope your DD is better soon

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    I like Amolin cream! It works well but I always use it with flushable liners (weenees) JIC because I hate scrubbing cream from nappies

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