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    im going to see a natropath for the first time tomorrow for an overall health check
    but what kind of things is she likely to do??
    any thing i should ask her?

    i know when your seeing a homeopath you have a constitution done is that the same with a natropath?
    thanks for the help

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    I don't know!

    I only learned yesterday that a Natropath is a natural doctor and not the name of a scary monster under the bed

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    She may:

    Look at your tongue
    Look at your eyes (iridology)
    Get you to drink a bit of this zinc-liquid to see if you're deficient (if you are, it will taste metallic then like water, as the body absorbs it via the mouth; if not it stays metallic)

    Ask you about fun things like bowel movements

    Talk about your diet and exercise...

    That's all i can think of for now.

    But do be aware that they sometimes like to prescribe a LOT of herbs, supplements etc and they can cost a LOT (see my recent acupuncture post!).

    Hope that helps!

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