thread: Missing her!

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    May 2004

    Yay Gwen!! So Happy that Seren is home with you now, didn't take as long as they said, she must be going great guns!


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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Congratulations Gwen, that's great news!

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    May 2004

    WTG Seren

    I am so glad that she is now home with you Gwen.
    She is such a lovely little thing.
    Kimberley loved looking at her picture when i was looking at it.

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    Oct 2004
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    Oh Gwen, she's beautiful.

    It must be so wonderful to have her home. Thanks for keeping us up to date.


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    kirsty Guest

    Gwen thanx for letting us know that you have finally gotten your little princess home. Hope motherhood is enjoyable & many happy memories are being made.

    Remember to take a little bit of time out for yourself every now & then, especially if you are feeling a bit overwhlemed. Take care of yourself & your precious little girl.

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    nicadela Guest

    Oh Gwen you are so lucky to have her home so soon! Isabella didn't come home till she was 8 wks 1 day old and weighed 2.8kg


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    Reeceydoll Guest

    Hi Gwen

    I am a mum to Jasmin 16/01/05 and Jett 13/09/05. Although all went well with my first pregnancy we werent so lucky second time around. At 31 weeks I went into premature labour which was thankfully stopped, but it was then that we learned our baby had a large cyst in his stomach. This lead to a change in hospitals, many tests, one of which was for the CF gene( which came back neg), and many ultrasounds. The Prof. we were under insisted I went to term then surgery to remove the meconium cyst that had formed due to his bowel twisting and perforating. At 36 weeks I went into labour and had Jett weighing in at 7'11.
    13 hours after his arrival he had his first surgery to remove the cyst and damaged bowel and a stoma was created. He was in ICN til day 11 when he was moved to SCN. But the next week things hadn't progressed any so back into surgery to remove a large absces, and it was discovered he had developed NEC, so it was back to ICN. Which is where is still is today. Today he is 8 weeks old, and it is getting harder and harder to leave him. He is scheduled to have surgery to close his stoma on Friday and from there he will be moved to the Childrens hospital. Hoping all goes well because I dont know how much longer I can do this. It is heartbreaking to leave him there but just knowing that he will be home soon helps me to see the light . If you need a torch to help find your way through the tunnel just give a holler!!!!
    All the Best


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    Nov 2004

    Cherise, thinking of you at this difficult time. Best wishes with the operation.

    Jett will be home before you know it!

    Wow at how close your kids are! They're going to be so close as they grow up!

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    Nov 2004

    I can empathise with you to a certain extent, and you are right - the longer it is, the harder it gets. Just remember 2 steps forward one step back.
    My twins were born at 31 weeks . My son had 10% chance of survival and my daughter 20%. At first it was minute by minute, then hour by hour and then day by day. My son needed ops as well for bladder, etc and they thought he had NEC as well. He ended up with an infection in the bloodstream.
    They were in hospital for 33 long days and came home at 36 weeks gestation. Today they are fit, healthy stubborn 3 year olds. My son was 1100gms and 25 cm long at birth, and now weighs 26kg and towers over his peers.
    Our premmies battle does affect them when they are older. it makes them more determined, and driven - after all they have to fight for every breath.
    Make sure you talk to other mums who are going through a similar thing - it helps so much. your MHC nurse should be able to help, or the SCN staff.

    Take care and my thoughts are with you
    mum to ariel and immogen -5/12/2002 -twins

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    Reeceydoll Guest

    TO ALL
    Your words of encouragement get me through day by day, although I do have a fantastic network of people around me its easier to talk to those who have experienced having child/ren in ICN SCN, because unless you have been through it you cant understand what it is like to leave your baby in the hospital everyday. It is coming up to 9 weeks, and I can tell you it hasnt gotten any easier, just a little more bearable.
    Once again ladies a big thank-you from the bottom of my heart!!!!


    Mum to Jasmin 16/01/03
    Jett 13/09/05

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    LachieAngelsMum Guest

    Re: Missing her!

    How is your little girl going ??

    My heart goes out for you, as I have been through that too and it is very hard.

    My son Lachlan was born at 25 weeks. He was in hospital in Melbourne which is over 300 kms (4hr drive one way) from where I live. I also have an 8 year old (Cassandra) so I was unable to see my precious son every day, as I had to be home for my daughter (trying to keep things as normal as possible) as she needed me too.

    So my husband and I would drive down (twice weekly) every Wednesday (8 hours of driving - each trip) and every Week end (Cass would come down each week end). We would stay with him as long as we could & it was worth ever effort to see him and I would do it all over again.

    He never got of the ventilator, so we couldnt hold him that often but I know with all my heart, he knew we (his mum, dad and sis) were there and that is all that mattered !!!

    Lachie was a very very sick little boy. But what a fighter !!!! We are so proud of him. Im sure your little girl will fight with every thing she has.

    You just live day by day and do the best you can for both yourself and your daughter. Keep up the fight and hang in there (although that is easier said than done).

    Unfortunately for us - our brave little boy passed away after a long 6 month battle to be on earth. We treasure the time we had with him but in the end his little body (not his spirit though) had had enough (he had been through more procedures in 6 months than any of his family had in a lifetime !!!), he bravely fought with every ounce of strength that he had & everything that could be done medically was done too - so he had every chance to survival.

    There are sooooo many more that do survive so NEVER give up hope. [-X

    My cousin had a 25 weeker, 3 weeks before me and her daughter, Tara is still alive and going very strong.

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    I'm so sorry to hear your little boy passed away. Seren is doing very well now. We were able to take her home after 5 weeks in hospital, and she's gaining weight slowly but surely at home with us now. We are incredibly lucky that things turned out the way they did, and I am ever grateful for that.

    I have to say that having a prem baby has been one of the most stressful things ever. Life just turned into one big exhausting blur.

    I used to sit next to her incubator with tears streaming down my face, every day. The nurses tried to get me to go home to rest, but I couldn't face leaving her. I felt so exhausted.


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    LachieAngelsMum Guest

    Great to hear that you beautiful little girl is doing well and now at home. Im so happy for you really.

    On a completely different subject.

    You actually live in Wales, is that right ? I have a personal interest in Wales as my Grandfather was born there - Pontypridd. Can you speak Welsh, as my Grandfather has passed away but my sister and I would love to learn Welsh. Just wondering if you could help us at all.

    I would love to become penpals / email pals, if you are interested ??

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Of course! I do speak welsh fluently, so feel free to pm / email! xx

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    LachieAngelsMum Guest

    Fantastic !!! We have tried reading books and listening to tapes but it is just really hard to learn without help.

    email: [email protected].

    I dont know how we will go but it will be a lot of fun too I think. Plus I would love to learn all about Wales. (I dont know where to start). I live in Australia.

    Thanks heaps.