thread: My 33week+5day baby Jett's NICU journey begins!!

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    O & G - Huge Congratulations on the arrival of your little man. He sounds gorgeous and so precious.

    You have done so well for him - you got medical help when you needed it and got him out safely. You have done an amazing job.

    Don't stress about your milk. He was only 48 hours old last night and milk can take a few days to come in. It's great that you have some already. Lots of people can take a day or two more before they get any so you are doing really really well.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your little man and his progress in what must be a very difficult time for you. Look forward to hearing how he goes.

    You are an amazing Mum and Jett is one lucky little boy to have you

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    B - it is a horrible feeling waiting for your milk when your premmie bub needs it... thankfully you have the milk bank for the interim... it can be so hard. I wish someone had introduced me to the hospital pumps sooner. My milk didn't come in until day 4 and I was so stressed waiting for it and that is fairly 'quick' I was told by the nurses for a premmie mum.

    You are a wonder and I am in awe of you xox

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    Bah to lousy, absent fathers
    Well done on all your hard work so far - you've already produced some milk, that's great! I hope it's not much longer before you can hold your little man.

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    You are doing an amazing job hun! Its so great to hear that you got to use the mothers milk bank. I'm planning to donate to them with my baby this time and its soooo good to hear of someone who has been able to benefit from it!

    Looking forward to sharing your journey on BB. What lucky boys you have.

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    You are amazing. XP is a douche. Someone else is amazing - you know who i mean.

    Im so glad little J has your name! Not long now til you can hold your precious little bubba! Now my little princess has 2 little boyfriends to choose from hehe. You are in no way a failure and should never blame yourself. XP is a failure in soooo many ways!

    If you need ANYTHING call or message me! So so proud of you! Here's hoping little Jett's stay is short and sweet xo

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    Congratulations on little Jetts arrival.

    My DD was also premmie due to placenta abruption at 29 weeks 6 days (via emergency c-section). I think it is not very common, and it is soooo frightening when it happens. PM me if you ever want to talk about it. I had to have a general anesthetic as part of the placenta came out as well and DD's heart beat was way too low. We were home in 6 weeks 4 days fully breastfeeding (2 weeks NICU, the rest special care).

    It is so surreal getting used to the NICU life, so use whatever supports they have. ASk to see the social worker/counsellor if they have not seen you yet, and do not stress too much about how much milk you get at first. It can take time to increase when you are only able to pump. Hopefully you will get lots of kangaroo cuddles soon and then before you know it little Jett will be home.

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    Thanks everyone for the support Its truely means alot to me.

    Ammaki- I truely do owe alot to you! you have been like my little rock, someone who has helped me through absolutly everything, i really could never repay you for the support you have given me.
    As for little miss getting to choose her bfs- id be truely the happiest mumma if your daughter was my daughter in law- there would be none of this evil MIL business

    As for my XP i know his a douche as for the 'someone' else his absolutly amazing. Been spoiling me rotten- i even got roses this morning

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    Naww what a gem!! Im glad you're being taken care of miss!

    Cant wait to catch up xo

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    congratulations on thearrival of baby Jett. I hope he is doing well and you are feeling a bit better. All that you are feeling a garuntee every parent to a prem/sick newborn has felt the same, its def not your fault.

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    Just wanted to give you