thread: Alternative to a portacot?!

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    I have the amby hammock, but I didn't use it that long, until Jovie was 6 months. So some babies stay in them longer, some done. I've also heard great things about the ones that are like hangers... I know some places hire them out so maybe see if you can trial one and see how comfy he is. I know for Jovie it took a few weeks to get used too, and other babies the same.

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    Thank you!! I like the look of the amby hammock. I'll try to find a rental place.

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    we had some foam but up at clark rubber, they do sell portacot matresses that tri fold but when we needed one they had sold out, makes it more comfortable

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    Just sticking my head in here to say Michelle - there are branches called Hire for Baby (just google ) that hire out hammocks and lots of other stuff too!

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    I love my portacot I bought it eight years ago and my three kids have used it. I would say that it is easy to fold up but it is a bit heavy to carry around, I manage but I could see someone smaller or less strong or with a bad back may find it difficult. Also I use a lambs wool to make the mattress more soft. We do a lot of camping and I use it to keep the baby safe.

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    I have just bought a kinderkot after my cousin came to Aus with her 7 month old baby using a Nomad baby tent. Can't buy them in Australia but can get the kinderkot, so I bought one - bubs is having his first sleep in it right now! I got one as we are heading to Qld for Christmas and need something light and portable as we'll be staying in 3 or 4 different places. Also, we have a 5 hr layover at the airport on the way back so I can take it as hand luggage and put it up for him to sleep in safely while we are there.


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