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    For all those out there looking for prams I sympathise. I took a friend who has kids to give me advise and these are the key things I have been told to look for
    - Reversable handles
    - toddler seat attachment for baby #2
    - various recline positions incl fully reclined
    - easy to put up and down

    I have been looking at the Emmaljunga prams and would love to hear from anyone who has one especially if they have a toddler seat attachment. I believe the sports model has one but not the cerox 360?
    I also like the phil and teds but my DP doesn't want a 3 wheeler and the handles don't reverse.

    Any help appreciated, I have been told I need to order one soon if I want to guarantee I have it when the bubs arrives in July though I am trying not to let this pressure my decision making as a few stores have them in stock in Perth.


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    Hi, I am an emmuljunga fan. I had the coronado (old model) for my boys (now 9 and 7) and the toddler seat worked well on both the bassinette section and the seat part. The current coronado equivalent is similar (can't remember its name sorry) and I'm pretty sure you can get a toddler seat with it. Its what we'll be using for the next one.

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    Hi, firstly congrats on your pregnancy with baby #1!

    I bought an Emmaljunga back in 2005 (minior classic I think it was called?) It looks beautiful & pushes so smoothly & lovely. I had many comments on this beautiful pram

    There were a couple of downsides that I found...

    1. The wheels were pivot turn, not swivel, so at times I found it frustrating to turn.

    2. It was heavy to lift in & out of the car.

    3. It took up my whole boot & I have a HUGE boot (toyota camry sedan) it didnt take long for me to get fed up with having no room & buying a stroller for some outings.

    I haven't tried the toddler seat attatchment so cant help you with that sorry.

    The new sports model is probably lighter & I think it may even have swivel wheels for better steering.

    I honestly think Emmaljunga is a good quality pram which will last through plently of children. (& lets be honest, for what you pay you'd want it to last... ours cost $1200 & that was on special!!)

    I ended up buying a P&T sports last year & I love that too, for different reasons. Mainly because its so light & takes up next to no room in the boot. I also like the extra seat as I use it at times now (even though #2 hasnt even arrived yet) for extra storage while shopping or going to the park etc, its amazing how much you can fit in it haha. I see HEAPS of parents doing the same thing.
    My DH refused to buy a 3 wheeler when I was PG with DD but after seeing how I struggled at times with such a big pram he agreed to "test drive" some others in the baby shop. The lady in the shop highly recommended the P&T & so DH gave it a go. He said he cant believe the difference, manouvarabilty (sp?) etc & so we bought one LOL.

    We have kept our Emmaljunga aswell as its so nice to use with the bassinette attatchment while bubs is newborn & to be honest I do really love the look of it haha

    Good luck making a decision, it is a huge decision, kind of like choosing a car!

    My advice would be to have a real good look at whats available & the pros & cons of each. See if you can get DH to "test drive" a few different types with you. You may be surprised....

    I hope this helps & doesn't confuse you more!!

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    I have to say I'm a P & T fan. Soooooo easy to use. Light, easy to get in and out of the car and easy to push. After buying twenty seven million prams through 3 children and looking at the coronet( too heavy, but beautiful pram), this pram could have done me from the start. Gee the money I would have saved.

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    Hi I'm an emmalunga fan to. I have always loved the look of these prams, and the space which you have for the baby. If needed an older toddler could travel quite comfortably. Not a situation you want to get into but a few years ago i was in a pedestrian accident, had a 13mo in my emmalunga facing me, was hit by a van on a pedestiran crossing, (car failed to stop), even tho we were already on the road. Only injury to child was a small scratch, the pram was quite twisted. If we had used any other type of pram, she may have been facing other way, pram wouldn't have been as strong and injury could have been a lot worse. When i replaced this pram, i bought another emmalunga for that reason. I also have a bassinet section and toddler seat. I have one of the older models - don't know it's name.

    Something to watch for; size (will it fit in your car), wheels (fixed or swivel), where the toddler seat sits in relation to baby in pram section - check when baby will be sitting up (some don't have a lot of room between sitting up baby and back of toddler seat.

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