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Thread: A good gift for someone having twins?

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    Question A good gift for someone having twins?

    Has anyone got any ideas of what might be a good baby gift for someone having twins??


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    Ummm, I really should know this - my best friend has two sets!!

    Trying to think of the things that made her life easier....

    Her top two would probably be her b'feeding pillow (she tandem feeds ie both bubs at once) but you can hire these from multiple births and I don't think you can buy them but maybe you could organise this for her if she is planning to b'feed? Not a gift as such but a nice gesture all the same.

    And her rockers - she used them ALL the time when the babies were little because it was too hard taking the double pram/two portacots/two bassinets everywhere.

    I guess it depends on how close you are to the mum and how much you want to spend.

    For little things - I got her matching photo frames and matching stuffed animals - one pink and one blue (she knew what she was having the first time) and the second time I brought the girls identical silver baby bangles.

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    Stacks of wipes, nappies etc.! I like the bouncer idea! Voucher for photo's to be taken. Voucher in general to go towards all the things she'll have to get. Sorry not very inspiring

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    A Personal Gift voucher for one night of uninterrupted sleep is all i could think of :P

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    Definately NOT stuffed toys as you get heaps having twins
    definately good rockers!
    maybe a nappy service or disposables delivered - we went through 150 per week when they were newborn but stick with huggies as no time for any leakages!
    Home cooked meals!!!! - or even a meal service for a period of time or even someone to mow the lawns - all the little stuff gets forgotten when the bubs come along
    a nappy wrapper was invaluable
    and if you are a really good friend - a battery operated swing!!!!!
    if you need any other ideas just yell out!

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    How about a homemade "chequebook" of vouchers each good for 2 hours of your time? They can be spent on baby-sitting, housework, cooking or coffee&debrief time, so whatever mum needs she can call on you? You could make them all the same or get creative and make specific vouchers (i.e. a pot-shaped/casserole dish shaped one good for an evening meal, a dummy-shaped one good for 2 hours babysitting, a coffeecup shaped one good for 2 hours coffee and vent when things are tough, a dustpan-shaped one good for housework). Make sure you call her after the birth and make sure she uses them!


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    A full time nanny???

    Nappies, Wipes, spitrags ...
    Full body massage along with IOU for babysitting ...
    Dinner for two (mommy and daddy time), again with IOU for babysitting ...

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    Meals, cleaner all those suggestions sound great. My cousin had twins and she found that when they were tiny she spent all her time feeding them and not much else LOL

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    A good friend of mine just had twins and she doesn't have heaps of stuff for them. I have already bought her some more gender specific clothes, I've leant her my breast pump, she is going to borrow my Jolly Jumper when the twins are older, I'm on the hunt for a good play gym for the boys (my DD loved it), and also a rocker (mine is on loan to someone else). I've also bought her bulk nappies in the next size up (because it seems everyone buys newborn nappies for new babies ) and I have also organised with the parking attendent to get some parking vouchers for her because the twins are in SCN for a few weeks and I work in the hospital next door. Parking can be expensive ($15 a day for non-staff) and on top of that she is also buying her and hubby's meals. So when I'm at work I also take some extra food in for them.
    My firend is also keen to BF both babies and so I was going to buy her membership for the ABA and get some good books to help her out but someone beat me to it!



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