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    Default Layback Strollers

    I have been looking at layback strollers as an alternative to a pram as I have a hatch back and there are 2 that I am deciding between. I was hoping people who have them or know something about them could weigh in on my decision. They are:
    1. The Maclaren Vogue (or Techno just Maclaren in general really)
    2. Peg Perego Pliko P3
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Go the Maclaren! I have a Maclaren Quest and it is the BEST stroller I have found. It is really lightweight and so easy to steer.

    I run a pre-loved baby goods business and have been lucky enough to try out most brands of strollers and I just can't find anything as good as a Maclaren stroller.

    If you buy one I guarantee you will be happy with it! HTH

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    I've just found a review that might be helpful about the The Maclaren Vogue:

    Manoeuverability: This stroller is excellent to take shopping. It squeezes through in the smallest boutiques and powers down the supermarket shopping aisles. It has a very tight turning circle. Your feet do not even have to leave the ground to get the stroller to turn a 360. I can easily go through an express lane at the supermarket.

    durability: Very durable. It has survived quite a few plane trips as well as a trip to Melbourne which involved a lot of walking and getting on and off trams.

    collapsability: Very easy to fold away. It collapses to the size of a traditional umbrella stroller and can be quickly and easily be put into the boot of the car.

    lightweight: I would give this stroller a 10 given that it only weighs 6kgs. I find it very easy to lift and I am only a small frame.

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    I have heard nothing but good reviews on the maclarens so I would personally go with them. Also, I buy alot off ebay & I find that if you want to sell your stroller after you've finished with it, the maclarens have a better re-sell value than the peg perego's.
    Have fun buying your stroller... I love buying baby items!! hehehe

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    Maclaren!!! I have the Quest too and LOVE it! If I had to do it over, I would get the Techno so I could use it from birth! Havent heard much about the Peg's but you won't regret t if you decide on the Maclaren!

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