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Thread: milton Vs microwave sterilisation

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    Default milton Vs microwave sterilisation

    I am planning on breastfeeding so I don't think I need anything too fancy. I may even just use a pot on the stove, but for convenience if I have to sterilise something (breastpump etc) What have you found easiest?

    I was thinking about having some milton tablets in the cupboard and just putting them in a lunchbox if and when I have to do something. And pot on the stove is not an option.

    I guess my biggest concern is, is milton ok? Does it create resistance to bugs, how does it work? I guess that I and million of others were brought up on milton bottles.

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    With DD, who was on formula i used a microwave sterilisation as i had lots of bottle to do and it was easier at the time.. With DS i b/f so the only things i had to clean were his dummys and bath toys to i used milton.. when i needed to clean my breast pump i put it on the stove in a pot.

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    Good news is with breastfeeding, you don't need to sterilise! Just give everything a good wash in hot soapy water and a good rinse Nothing gets sterilised here, and I couldn't ask for healthier babies

    I have a microwave steriliser which I bought before having DS, and it is just sitting in the cupboard unused. LOL. I did use it a couple of times for the pump before I knew I didn't need to, and found it very easy, so I guess I'd recommend the microwave one.

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    We initially used Milton solution and then after about 10 days I ralised I was mixing it too strong... poor sleep deprived mummy! We went and bought a microwave steriliser and I now recommend them to all new parents!!!!
    In regards to wether or not Milton will do the job you're wanting... yes it will! We used it at my old job for sterilising the plastic toys in the waiting room.



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    Like Liz said, if you're BF-ing you don't need to do any full-on sterilising...just wash in hot soapy water, rinse well, air dry and place in an airtight container!!!

    All the best!

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    Yep, Barb on here has also told me that if you are BF then hot soapy water is all you need. I also plan on BF and have bought a pump, asked this question a couple weeks ago!! I will still buy some milton and have it in the cupboard for dummies and things like that (if i use). People have been using miltion for years and works just as well as a microwave steriliser. But its not like you are going to have to steriliser things often, so maybe it will be easier for you just to use milton Good luck

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    I used both Milton and an electric steam steriliser (I combination breast/formula fed). My steriliser fit 6 bottles (including the actual bottle itself and the teats) and didn't fit the lids in at the same time. Since I was using 6 bottles a day, it suited me perfectly to wash up one load a day, then put the bottles/teats in the steriliser and the lids in the Milton solution. That way, everything was cleaned and sterilised, all in one go, and ready to start the next day.

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    Cool thanks.

    I may still buy some tablets but good to hear that a hot soapy wash will do the trick too.

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    I got a microwave steriliser. They go pretty cheap on ebay. I think got my for about $15, and it cost $60 in big w.

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    We have a friend who is a children's nurse, and apparently the children's hospitals stopped using Milton a few years ago - can't remember why now, but she recommended we go with another form of sterilisation. (also, this could be the hosp's in the Uk, as she was previously a nurse there)

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