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Thread: Oroton nappy bag?

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    Default Oroton nappy bag?

    Does anyone have any comments/pros/cons on the Oroton nappy bag (the cream/brown one with the "O" fabric)..

    I have an 18 month and 2 month old (so two in nappies) and a maclaren twin traveler (the baskets are a bit useless - really hard to get to and are tiny).


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    I have an Oroton nappy bag, but it's black. It's probably an old model LOL, DH bought it for me for Christmas just before DS1 was born, so it's had a lot of use!! I love it BTW, it's functional, comfortable to carry and it has copped a lot of wear and tear and still looks good.

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    I had the one you are talking about, it looks good and is a beautiful bag, but it's very useless as a nappy bag, I tried so hard to make it work for me, but not practical at al!! I couldnt fit enough in it for my newborn. I sold it on ebay, and funnily enough dont miss it at all.

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    My SIL has the black Oroton baby bag and loves it. We went together to look at it before she bought it. The one your talking about is small so if you're thinking of buying one go for the black one.

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