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    Default pram features?

    Hi everyone

    Firstly, to those who thought i'd fallen off the face of the planet - i'm still here! i just haven't had time to log in for ages!!!

    I'm about to go pram shopping and wanted to know what i should look out for -- what pram features did you find useful?

    eg: dimensions, weight, reversible handle, suspension with brakes, easy to steer and fold...
    any ideas would be appreciated!

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    Weight was the first thing I looked at. I found a great pram in my price range but couldn't even lift it!!LOL didn't buy that one.
    Depending what you want it for it's often good to check out the tyres & how well it handles lots of wanlking, rough surfaces.
    I also looked at steering, I wanted something I could manouver with one hand as often bubs wont settle or people are not willing to hold the door open for you!
    Ahh think that's what I found important.

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    Something that had a reasonable size basket as bubs takes a LOT of stuff if you are out for awhile.

    Look at the tyres. Some prams have plastic tyres which can break and are very rough riding. I prefer the tyres where you can change the air pressure (like bike or car tyres).

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    things to look for

    weight - can you lift it
    whether you want off road capabilities or not
    size of pram relative to boot of car
    jogging ability or not
    narrow aisle ability or not
    ability to take two later on - or not
    folding - are you comfortable with how to do it
    sun shade
    price!!!! just because its super expensive doesn't mean it will suit your purpose
    sturdy or not
    do you want to be able to see bubs (reversible/peekaboo hole

    now you probably won't get everything you want but these are just some things I consider

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    I only went into the baby shop in town the other day and was discussing pram issues with the new owner. Apparently the Steelcraft are still a good reliable choice but if you are after a jogger style or something similar (pretty popular) you won't get them through a normal checkout and the only brand that will in that style is the Phil & Teds, plus they are lighter easy to pull down with one hand and they fold up comparingly small as well, not trying to sell this brand at all but i found this info really useful!

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    Cup holders - it makes it so much easier to juggle pram, toddler and coffee.

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    thanks for all your advice! off shopping i go....

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    First time we went pram shopping I wanted soemthing that would reverse face, had 5 point harness and big shopping basket.

    Second time I wanted something that was light, folded small, steered easily and had a big shopping basket. While we were testing our prams BIL came with us (whose wife was also expecting and gave pram shopping a whole new dimension) He is a helicopter mechanic and insisted on checking the suspension and rigidiy of each pram, it was hilarious. I can't remeber now what exactly he was looking for but we ended up narrowing our choices based on his recommendations :-)

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