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Thread: Slings?

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    Default Slings?

    Can anyone tell me what type they have?
    How they work and what the better brands are?

    I'm after something really funky, but dont know the sex of our baby yet... So I have a few weeks to do some research before buying

    I'd love to see pics too if anyone is willing to share!

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    Hi Mia's mummy... My yoga teacher sells slings, pm me for details if you are interested, they look quite cool, and not overly expensive. I'm hoping to get one of them, but will wait until bub is born so I can test him/her in it, as I tried to buy a sling with DS, tried it out with him in the baby shop and he SCREAMED his lungs out.. absolutely hated it. Went with a carrier instead. So I'm going to try before I buy again (just in case!!)

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    I use a 'mummykins ring sling' that i got off ebay in black and its awesome, only cost me $35 + p&h- sorry i have no pics of it but will try to get some onto comp. (i'm not very good with the computor) I got black because i have to be matching and i figure it will match me and bubs in whatever we wear, silly i know but i'm funny with things like that. My DD is 12 weeks and very unsettled and we use it lots. I also have a cheaper front baby bjorn style carrier that i use on the odd occasion too but not as handy as the sling. I would really love a HAB but i cant really afford one and am doing ok with the 2 that i have.

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    I think my main thing is ease of use... I dont wanna bugger around to get it on whilst a baby is screaming and my DD is trying to escape the car LOL

    I'll look into the mummykins ones & PM you Aricyn's Mum.. Thanks

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    Hi Mia's Mummy
    I have the baby bjorn summer carrier and I find it handy for short periods of time as it is easy to get the baby in and out of it.
    I also have a HAB, which is much more comfortable and once you learn how to put it on it is quick and easy I just found it a bit harder to use at the shops with breastfeeding and taking the baby out, because when you put it back on and adjust it the ends touch the floor. However it is so comfortable you can wear it for a long time.

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    If you want a sling for a newborn that is quick to pop baby in and out of, I would suggest a ring sling.It is better for bubba's spine than a baby bjorn type carrier too.

    Check out ebay, oztion for some good deals. Ozebaby WAHM's would have some too. You should be able to easily find a reasonably priced sling in some funky or neutral colours

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    I have just bought a peanut shell sling or 'pouch', it is awesome!! With DS1 I had a baby bjorn which was ok, but hurt to wear after a while. This time thought I would try something different, it's easy to get on and off in seconds and DS2 falls asleep in it almost instantly! I always get comments on how comfy he looks in it and it is very comfy to wear, just wish i didnt get a microfleece one its too hot for this summer!

    You can get them in lots of diffent colours and fabrics, mine cost $75, and worth every cent as far as im concerned

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    I bought a ring sling and use it with baby. They are much better for babies than carriers as they are used even when they cannot hold their head up. Frontal carriers are used when baby's neck is strong enough to support the head- about 3 months???
    Mine is a Snug-as-a-Bug, made in Fremantle and available at the markets or there is a website and contact details. It is very comfy, easy to use and many designs/colours.

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    I used a ring sling and a BB with DD and they were both pretty good but for different things - BB for out and about when DD was a bit bigger, but that had disadvantages too because when she got heavier it was harder on my shoulders and back (and I have the BB that supposedly has more support). The ring sling was pretty good when she was really tiny for around the house when I needed to get stuff done.

    I've just bought an ergo (with the infant insert which I haven't used yet) and even at nearly 7 months pregnant, it is soooooooo good for carrying 9 month old DD around in. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. Don't have a picture - sorry - but check out the green kids website for info and photos.

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