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Thread: What do we need to look for when we are buying a pram/stroller?

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    I purchased a Valcro Harliquinn (prob wrong spellin) Stroller in Oct 2006 (it had jst come out this model) at Babyco (in Melb) for about $160.

    It is so light, I can even push my now 20mth old in it with one hand on one handle if need be. It is so light to push along & lift out of the car boot.

    It came (included in price) a UV mesh shield that keeps out 80% of UV rays AND ALSO a raincover.

    The basket underneath fits more under there then you could imagine.

    Easily folds up.

    I have used it almost on a daily basis since my daughter ws 5mths old. And it still looks in fantastic condition.

    My friend ended up purchasing the exact same stroller & we both reckon it is jst the best buy eva

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    so leasha ... what prams have you been looking at .... of course every one loves phil and teds also !!
    we also have a peg perago pilko p3 .. i love it sooo much but with another on the way it must go ..

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    If I had to do it all over! I would get the Maclaren Techno XT stroller that is appropriate from newborn up! We have the Quest stroller (3mths +) and I LOVE it. Its lightweight and easy to fold, they hold their resale value really well (if you can ever have the heart to sell it ) and are generally just super!
    I would then get a basic 3 wheel jogger to keep at home for walking. Not sure what you would use more, I do walk most days and have tried to sell my pram to get a jogger but havent had any luck. I got the Strider pram and I found some serious flaws with it. Here is a trhead I posted about it ages ago.

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    I would look for one that once reclined, can be inclined again without having to take bub out of the pram. We have a phil & ted E3, and it is impossible to sit Emy back up if i have laid it back for her to have a sleep, while leaving her in the pram. Annoyed me so much, that I went shopping again recently and got a steelcraft express stroller so that i can easily put her up and down while she is still in it. However, that is the only problem that i have with phil and ted! (and also as an extra for P&T, we got a bum back bit that fits over the handles, and has room for 2 water bottles - easily fits in my 750ml sports water bottle, without getting in the way)

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    We are currently deciding betweeh 2 that we really liked:
    DH loved the Peg Perego Pliko P3
    I loved the Maclaren either the Ryder or the Vogue

    We are getting a layback umbrella fold stroller as I have a hatch back and I would like something that fits in the boot and leaves a bit of space for groceries. The Maclaren leaves enough room for almost a whole load of shopping.

    Go to the baby shops and push some around, the sales people are quite helpful and we were allowed to put them in the boot to see how they fit. Then when you know what you want price it on the internet sites as they are much cheaper!
    Good luck and have fun.

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    Hi Leasha - how fun that you're choosing your pram!

    Just a note on the cup holder thing, you can buy a Jolly Jumper pram cup holder attachment (velcros to the handle) with two cup holders and a zippered compartment if you don't buy a pram with a cup holder. It only costs $20 and a MUST-HAVE imo. The extra zipper compartment is heaps handy for phone, wallet, etc, too.

    Adjustable as well as reversible handle was a must for us. Also, one that did that while the baby was in the pram (ie didn't need to remove the bassinet/seat). We bought a big sturdy pram (4WD style) that has been wonderful and then a smaller cheap stroller for the shops/car. But we do more walking with the bigger pram (and still do, even though she's nearly two), in the shops I used a HAB for ages.

    Seat that reclined to a few different angles easily.

    Extras like a rain cover, boot cover (goes over the feet - really good in winter) and sun shade (you can buy these separately, but the better brands tend to have them all in with the pram and they can be quite expensive if purchased separately).

    Removable, washable covers are good too, my stroller that doesn't have them is much harder to clean.

    Decent sized basket underneath - you need it more often than you expect.

    If you are going to take it in the car, check at the shop that it fits in the boot when you fold it up. And if you have two cars, check that it fits in both if you're going to use it with both (something we forgot to do, only to find the bigger pram only fitted in the bigger car!).

    I too don't like the three wheelers so we bought an Emmaljunga Sports something-or-other (on sale - they aren't cheap!).

    Good luck, hope you find what you're after soon!
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    A few importatnt things i would look for are:

    teh height for the baby. If you are looking at investing a bit extra in your purchase to avoid having to buy a second stroller later on, you need it to be high enough for an older toddler to sit in. Peg Perego is great for this - and if you pop down to DJ's at around this time of year you should wsave a fair bit on it.

    Personally, i really do recommend spending a bit more and buying just the one pram/stroller which will do you for the entire time you need it. I got my Pliko on special when DD was about 2, and its still as good as new for the next bubba, when that finally happens!!

    I had another peg before that one too - because we wlaked sooo much we literally wore it down - but, that one was shorther in the back and DD would not have been able to lay down in it with the sunshade from about 3.

    AND!!!! highly recommend you splurge on a kapoochi bag!!!!

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    Dont know if anyone else has said this but make sure it has at least 3 elivations. My first one for DS only had sitting up right and laying down. When time came for him to start eating solids out and he wasnt sitting straight up as yet i had to get a new pram. Also around that age they dont really want to lay down so much, they wanna see the world and the straight up can be too straight.

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    One thing I've noticed so far in my search is that some strollers have a strap and a clip for the reclining bit whereas others have a bar that you have to pull up to recline. Does anyone have any thoughts on which method is better or doesn't it matter? To me, the strap and clip just seems a bit flimsy

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    I found the bar better (have the strap and clip on a twin pram I use and it's not that easy to adjust, plus it doesn't sit up as high).

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    i like the bar, it is way easier to do while they r in the pusher

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