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Thread: early HPT -ve then +ve? Your experience

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    Default early HPT -ve then +ve? Your experience

    Hi all

    First of all what happened to evap lines! I have taken a few HPT in the last couple of months and have gotten such blaringly obvious BFN! Not even an evap line! So I can't even um and ah about it !

    Anyway thought AF was due today so did a HPT First Response and it was again a very obvious BFN it was this afternoon however not FMU. Anyway discovered just now AF is not due for another 3 days so my question is....

    Has anyone got a blatently obvious BFN and then got a BFP a few days later. I am having some super symptoms but with my daughter I tested 2 days before AF with crystal clear and at least got a shadow of a line.

    Any advice, experience?

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    Looking at your chart... it looks like a very likely pregnancy to me.... :P I really hope so!!! I'd bet on it that you're pregnant. () but without getting your hopes up at the same time cos i know that's not a good feeling!

    I'd say it's just too early for you to get your POS HPT... I have only had 3 x pos hpt's when pregnant in Nov and then 2nd cycle got 3 x false BFPs! (cheap brand) sorry havent had bfn then bfp but i test when Af is due which is the best way
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    i tested the day AF was due and got a BFN. 5 days later i was extremely tired and feeling sick, took a test JIC and it was a BFP

    Fingers crossed you get your BFP next week!

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    When I was pregnant with my angel baby last October, I got a stark white BFN on 10DPO, then a faint line on the same IC type of test at 12DPO.

    I did a CB digi that afternoon, and spelt out in front of me was . . . . pregnant!

    I knew I was pregnant when I didn't have any of those pre AF twinges I normally get around 10DPO. I felt nothing at all down there, so I knew something was a little different. I usually feel crampyness about 2 days before AF comes.

    to us all

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    Thanks Renstar - unfortunately that chart is from my pg with DD last year :-) So yes it was a pg chart :-) We aren't actively ttc at the moment as DH doesn't really want anymore, however we aren't really good with the whole BC situation so fingers crossed one little eggie and swimmer have met up by chance!

    Darily and Widdly - thank you, your stories are keeping my hope alive!

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    I was so excited for you too!!!!! sorry! I'll make sure i check out the date FIRST next time

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