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Thread: ever got a false opk result

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    Default ever got a false opk result


    I had a miscarriage on 16 Jan 08 and we have decided to start trying again straight away. My last period before getting pregnant was 13 Dec 07 and I then miscarried at 5 weeks on 16 Jan. If I hadn't got pregnant and my period in Jan was on time then it would have been due on 6 Jan which means my period this month would have been due 30 Jan as I have regular 25 days cycle. My question is this. Yesterday I was getting really bad cramps which I put down to ovulation pain even though I have not had them in a long time and my cm was eggwhite and I did an opk which turned out positive. I then checked the calender and discovered I would have been due for my period and started wondering if the pain was just period pain and if the positive result on the opk was due to it being my normal period time. Is it possible to get a positive result for that reason.

    Sorry for it being so long.

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    Just had to post as our cycle and m/c were pretty much identicle.

    My last period b4 getting pg was 13/12/07. I had m/c on 15/1/08 at 4w5d. I was having bad cramping O pain on mon/tues with a +tve opk on Mon. I pretty much think i O'ed on Tues.

    I think it could be O pain. I havent heard of getting a false pos on an opk before. Your cycle might be a little out of whack after m/c. After my first it took 61/2 weeks for af to come back. This time i am on clomid and it seems that i have ovulated pretty much when i normally would.

    I am sorry for your loss, i hope i have helped

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    I'd say you might be ovulating. Like Kristy said after a m/c your cycle might not be the same at first so AF might not be due at the same time.
    Sorry to hear about your loss

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    It sounds like you are ovulating to me as well. Best of luck and get busy!!!!!

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    It appears I did ovulate on day 14 based on temperatures so who knows I guess there may be some hope this month.

    Mrs B26. Isn't it amazing just how identical our cycles are. Wouldn't it be good if we could both get a +ve on the same day as well.

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