thread: A line is a line UNTIL.......

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    I've had evap lines on so many ICs! They aren't coloured at all though but still very deceiving and annoying! I found my positive IC was pretty light compared to the pos FRER I had at the same time.

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    Reet honey, my beautiful friend. for you.

    I was not a successful BFer, but I do know that giving it up is a difficult decision. I don't want to encourage you to stop doing something you love so much, which is so beneficial. Perhaps you can sit down and ask yourself some really tough questions. Like where is the line, and at what point do you think you may have to change your course of action?

    Of course I hope you get a BFP while BFing though, that would be the ideal . Maybe you can come up with some sort of compromise.... semi-weaning, I don't know. I wish I could give you the magical answer you need. But I can't. Instead, I'll just be here to listen and support, whatever your plans, whatever your circumstances.

    I guess you need to work out whether or not having another child is worth the potential sacrifice of your BFing days with miss S, if you want to look at it in black and white.

    More massive squishy for you. I'll be sending BFP vibes your way, lovely lady