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Thread: Need help with OPK's

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    Emum Guest

    Default Need help with OPK's

    Hello...I am new to this site and using opk's and needed some help. I have a 28 day cycle and started testing yesterday at 2pm (day 11) which showed a positive result on confirm (line was as dark as or a bit darker than control). Later that day I tested with First response (ran out of confirm at shops) and got a negative. Then tested again this afternoon with first response and got a positive. Has anyone else has this happen or know what the reason for it going positive/negative/positive would be?

    Thank you.

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    sorry cant help you - however i swear buy them - i have used both brands and they have been great!

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    sorry for not being able to help

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    Could your urine have been more diluted with the second test??? Hope this helps!

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    Hi Emum,

    I know when I used OPK's that it was best to NOT use first morning urine as the LH hormone which the OPK picks up will mainly be detectable in the afternoon. I used to try to to the test at the same time every day (between 12noon and 3pm). That was most important as well. Also, try to not drink to much before taking the test as this dilutes the results too. Maybe the negative result you got was because of this. I didn't use the brands which you have, I had the Clearblue Digital that showed a smiley face when detecting the surge, and then some tests that I purchased off Ebay, and they worked as well. Hope some of these pointers help, but just seemed to have jabbered on . Good luck with your TTC!!

    xxx Nita

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    try charting your cycle, it will tell you much more than an OPK.... plus you will have the bonus of knowing when to BD before its too late... when you get an OPK it usually is too late

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    Emum Guest


    Thanks for your replies. I had tested first in the afternoon at 2pm and then the later one at around 8pm was the negative one. I was trying to see how long the surge lasted for so that's why I was confused why it went pos/neg/pos. It was back to neg at 2pm the following day again and I hadn't had much to drink. I guess we'll just see what happens!!!!

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