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Thread: Positive OPK's for 4 days running so far....

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    Default Positive OPK's for 4 days running so far....

    Anyone have any ideas why I would have OPK's coming up positive for so many days in a row?

    I done a bit of research and most sites say to stop testing after you get the first positive OPK but I can't help myself, last cycle they were positive for 2 days in a row and I found that to be quite normal but 4 days in a row, what the??

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    Are you sure that they are all positive ie as dark if not darker and are you testing at the same time every day - in the afternoon not in the morning?

    I have heard of some women who are pregnant getting a pos OPK have you done a preg test just to be sure

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    Even if they have a second line they are not positive till the second line is very dark. Disregard the lightest ones.

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    I had 3 in a row last cycle and did some googling, found out that because the hormone takes longer to clear from your urine, it can still be present after the surge - this is why they say to stop testing after you get a positive. AF's arrival for me confirmed that the 1st OPK signalled O.

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    Sym Guest


    Thanks girls,

    Test line is definately darker then the control line so they are positive. My temp was up this morning so I'm gathering I O'd yesterday (3rd day of positive OPK) which would work out OK.

    I did read somewhere about the hormone taking longer to leave your urine after the surge, so yeah if I'm not pregnant this time I will only test til I get the first positive and stop wasting OPK's in my next cycle.

    HPT is negative like I thought it would be, but hey no harm in testing. I do love POAS after all..

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    Congratulations, Sym! I just took a look at your chart to see how you were going.

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    Sym Guest


    Thanks heaps, Kbowman!!

    I'm so excited! I'm really hoping that we get a daughter this time round, we done the 3 day cut off so we will see what happens. I had a blood test yesterday and my HCG levels have gone from 46 to 1455 in a week so very happy about it all!

    Also, congratulations to you! Hope everything went well with your ultrasound. Were you planning on finding out the sex of your baby?

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