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Thread: Pregnosis experience PLEASE! Freaking out here

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    Default Pregnosis experience PLEASE! Freaking out here

    Hey all

    I got a Pregnosis midstream hpt today and did it about 6pm tonight - almost instant BFP. I practically walked out of the toilet and the two lines were there!!! :

    Now, I've read around tonight and read so much about pregnosis giving lots of false positives, and really bad evaps so I'm wondering if you could share your experience and let me know if you think this is a true +++ or not.

    I also did an Assurance plus and I'm pretty sure there was a second line there too, albeit faint (extremely faint)

    Thank you

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    I used pregnosis whe i got my BFP with Emily, although i did also do crystal clear (at the same time, i was keen!). But both were positive, so.................CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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    If it came up that quickly with wee that wasn't FMU I'd pretty much rule out the false positive theory

    False positives and evap lines are generally either faint, or take ages to come up and your result is! What a great New year for you!

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    congrats definately if it came up that quick

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    OH CONGRATS HUN.. EVAPS ARN't dark almost to the point you have to hold it up to a light. Also, if it came up in time your pregnant if in doubt get another test hun...

    Have H&H 9months

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