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Thread: +ve Then a-ve OPK result the Next day - is that right??

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    Default +ve Then a-ve OPK result the Next day - is that right??

    Hi ladies - I am new to using OPKs and would love your help

    I had a positive OPK on Monday cd 13

    Yesterday - day 14 I got a -ve OPK (The line was there but not as dark as control)

    So is that normal - not to get more that one +ve OPK???

    Does that mean the Lutenising Hormone has reached a peak and goes down after you get a +ve OPK??
    Should I have even wasted another test after getting a +ve OPK on cd13??

    My temps are still low so I am wondering if anyone can tell me what to make of
    my chart and my temps & my OPKs?? From all of this I dont think Ovulation has
    happened yet - what do you think??

    Thanks have a great day

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    hi there
    Once you get a positive OPK, you should stop testing. It means you are going to Ovulate in the next day or two. Your LH surge doesnt last very long, so it is unlikely that you will get two positive OPKs in a row!

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    Thanks skyblue

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