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thread: Entertaining/Party Food (inc Dips)

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hummous (sp?)

    1 can chick peas
    1 clove garlic
    1 twist of lemon (or 1-2 tbsp)
    1 tsp cumin
    2 tbsp olive oil
    salt to taste

    Stick it all in a bowl and use a hand held blender or puree it all somehow. If its too try add water

    Or my guacomole

    1-2 ripe avocados
    1/2 tsp garlic salt
    1/2 tsp chilli
    1 tsp coriander or 1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
    salt & pepper

    Mix well yum!
    Or when I lived in mexico we did the same thing but made it really chuncky with 2-3 avocados & 1 red onion chopped finely and 1 tomato chopped.

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    Nov 2005
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    ok what about tuna dip? Get a tub of philli and a tin of tuna with flavourings (salsa, onion, curry etc etc)

    add some spring onions and blend.....yummo

    basically you can make any type of dip. Start with some philli and add different things. Then you will find the one that tastes best

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    Feb 2004

    How about I go out on a limb & suggest something a little different, although it's not Zane friendly

    Mix together sour cream, brown sugar & Baileys, just add however much of each until it works out nice LOL!! It is soooooo good.

    Also, vegemite dip is pretty good - vegemite & sour cream mixed together.

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    Jun 2006
    Penrith, NSW

    Lol Ryn .....love ur thinking!!!!!!!!
    And that spicy Avocado dip looks delish...yummo

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    Mar 2004

    This is a great layered dip to go with corn chips.
    Start with a small layer of 4 bean mix that has been drained really well (or mexe-beans or any other bean you like). Then tip some salsa (from a bottle over it) then a layer of really basic avocado dip (mush up lemon juice, cream, ripe avocado, chilli powder & salt to taste and an optional teeny weeny clove of crushed garlic), then a layer of sour cream and sprinkle some grated cheese over the top. Make sure the layers are all really thin or it ends up too thick - for some reason if you mix it all together it doesn't taste half as nice as it does layered.

    Baba Ghannouj or Mtabbal Bathinjan (eggplant dip)
    * 1 large round eggplant (aubergine)
    * 2 or 3 cloves of garlic
    * 60 milliliters (4 tbs.) tahina
    * 60 milliliters (4 tbs.) lemon juice
    * salt, red pepper
    * olive oil
    * chopped parsley

    Cook the eggplant in a hot oven or on a fork over the flame of a gas stove or on BBQ. When it is well cooked through and the skin is blackened, douse with cold water, peel, and chop into small pieces.
    Mash two or three cloves of garlic to a paste with about the same volume of salt. Add eggplant, mash to a smooth consistency and blend the tahineh and lemon juice. Serve in a bowl with little olive oil on top and garnish chopped parsley and a dusting of red pepper.

    To get that yummy smoky flavour its best to BBQ it. Poke a hole in the skin so it doesn't pop everywhere.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Ah Dachlostar! Thats one I always make for parties, well close to it, its called the 7-layer dip.

    1st layer = refried beans
    2nd layer = mix 1/2 packet taco seasoning with sour cream.
    3rd layer = guacomole
    4th layer = salsa
    5th layer = lettuce chopped thin & fine
    6th layer = cheese
    7th layer = tomatoes & sliced black olives

    Our 7-layer Mexican Dip

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Mel.....I made these for Charlie's birthday......right off the side of the RiceBubble box:

    Chocolate Crackles

    4 cups of Rice Bubbles
    1.5 cups icing sugar
    1 cup dessicated coconut
    3 tablespoons cocoa
    250 block of Cohpa

    ~ In a large bowl, mix rice bubbles, icing sugar, coconut and cocoa
    ~ Melt the Copha over a low heat in a saucepan
    ~ Pour the Copha over the dry ingrdients and mix well
    ~ Spoon into paper cases and refridgerate until firm

    The recipe says it makes 24, so if you are going "mini" it would make stacks more........

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I am contemplating having a dip dinner over here.... just 7-layer dip

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    Nov 2005
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    Well I have a spinich one too but its a little different to the one Genuinesqueek posted,

    I love love love this one it is just so moreish and I am telling you once you start you cant stop even if your not a huge spinach fan LOL

    Combine equal amounts of:
    S&W whole egg mayonnaise ( has to be S&W or its not quite the same )
    Light sour cream

    Add to taste:
    Spring onion soup mix ( I think this is actually called french onion soup mix as I have yet to find a spring onion soup mix )
    (start with only a small tspn & add gradually as can overpower dip really quickly allow dip to sit in fridge for a little while before adding more as it often gets stronger in flavour the longer its left)

    1 can finely sliced water chestnuts
    I pkt cooked (drain really well of water once cooked) & cooled frozen spinach

    I highly recomend this one cant rave about it enough and now I am wanting to go to the shop to make it LOL *drool drool *


    and OMG how yummo do some of these sound I am deffinately going ot be the dip queen at the next party I go to hehehehehe

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    Dec 2005
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    Nov 2005
    in a house!

    MG are you having a baby shower? I wanna come

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    Mar 2006

    Not at this stage Danni. I don't really have time to organise one with exams next month, a heap of Uni work to get done and am anticipating a heavy fire season - and I intend to still turn out as much as possible!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    One thing I love is a really yummy dip that goes with fruit.
    I'm not sure if you can still get it but there used to be a flavour yoghurt called "Honey Buzz". Either way, a yoghurt that's got a honey kind of flavour would do.
    You melt down a toblarone bar (just until it's runny- on really low heat so you don't burn it) then stir it through the yoghurt.
    Makes a lovely dip to go with a fruit platter. Kids and grown-ups love it!

    Oh and another really easy dip: sour cream with a couple of tablespoons of corn relish... yum!
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    Mar 2006

    Deb - that honey one sounds great! I'm going to go looking for it today - DH would LOVE it!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh it's devine, MG... only I haven't made it in a few years so I have no idea if the yoghurt is still available. You used to be able to get it in those big tubs?? Either way... a honey or honeycomb flavoured yoghurt would work. Maybe even caramel flavoured yoghurt (if it exists??).
    Great with sticks of melon, bananas, apples... all fruit really!

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    Dec 2005
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    There is a king Island Dairy youghurt with honey and cinnamon and it is divine! MIL got me onto it. It comes in a larger than normal size tub too.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Fletch Here's my Guacamole recipe...

    Mash a ripened Avocado or 2
    1 red onion chopped finely
    a squeeze of lemon
    a dash of tabasco sauce (to your liking)
    1 table spoon or sdo of Sour cream
    1 table spoon of Kraft Mayo
    some salt & pepper all mashed in to together!!!

    I sometimes add chopped tomatoes too, or chilli paste etyc... depends how I feel!

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    OOOH Sherie, King Island also have a choc one, it's delicious dipping strawbewrries into it!!! MMMM YUMMY!

    I so feel like dips & bickies now!!!

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