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Thread: very scared - desperate for reassurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfly_warrior View Post

    I have woken up this morning feeling like hell again, needing to nibble on some biscuits before I can tackle breakfast... going to grab some maxolon soon... It makes me feel a bit more confident about things. Not completely confident, but certainly more confident than yesterday.
    LOL, thats great news!!!!

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    I have been offline due to internet problems and only just saw this post.

    I am glad you feel awful !!!!!!!!!!

    It is so incredibly difficult. I feel for you so badly - I was just like you are, but I wasn't blessed with m/s so every sign was turned inside out and examined top to bottom!!!!

    Things will go like this - some days you will be crappy and other days you will feel fine. Sending you my love...

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    Morning sickness is so different for everyone... its never a good indicator of what's going on! With my first I had it from about 6 weeks to 15 weeks or so but my second only 11-13 weeks?! I had no other symptoms, go figure. I know its extra scary for you, understandably, but this morning sickness stuff is so unpredictable and is definitely not reliable!!!
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    BW :: I was worried about my baby at one stage and rang my OB's widwife. She told me to come straight in to the hospital and she made sure she found a heartbeat. (She couldn't find it at first) which was scary!! I think I was around 12 weeks tho .. so perhaps its too early for them to do that. However in the future if you are at all worried. Go get some piece of mind! Thats what you py the ob thousands of dollars for!

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